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2020 Winter Session

Arkansas State is bringing back Winter Session for undergraduate students this year.  The three-week online semester provides students the opportunity to pick up a course during the holiday break between the fall and spring semesters.

Winter Session is Back!

Had a class that didn’t fit into your fall? Want to get a class ahead on your spring? Or, you want to try out Arkansas State? Winter Session is for you – check out the listing of current courses in the FAQ below.

Registration opens November 2nd and courses run from December 21, 2020 – January 8, 2021.  Classes are open to traditional Arkansas State University students and visiting students.

The Winter Session advantages

  • Stay on-track for degree completion
  • Accelerate time to degree
  • Catch up on credits
  • Take a required course to fulfill a prerequisite
  • Single course focus
  • Maintain a non-institutional scholarship
  • Eligible for financial aid

For more in about Winter Session 2020, contact Natalie Cline at ncline@AState.edu.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Winter Session


  • What Courses are Being Offered?

    The following courses are being offered during the 2020 Winter Session:

    • Drawing I
    • Drawing II
    • Elective Drawing
    • Fine Arts Theatre
    • Advanced Drawing
    • Medical Terminology
    • Oral Communications
    • Foundations of HPESS
    • Intro to Psychology
    • Social Psychology
    • Intro to U.S. Government
  • How do I register?

    Registration opens on Nov. 2, but you can consult with your advisor now to see if one of the courses offered this year fits into your curriculum. Registration for Winter Session 2020 works like class registration for any other semester.  Access Self Service Banner through your my.AState.edu account.

  • How many classes can I take?

    Most students are limited to one class.  The goal of Winter Session is to have students intensely focused on one class for the three-week period.

  • How much does Winter Session cost?

    The cost per credit hour is the same as any other A-State course, including any differential tuition charged by individual colleges.  A three-hour class is roughly $950.

  • Can I use my financial aid to pay for it?

    For the purposes of financial aid, Winter Session classes are attached to and will be paid by your Spring 2021 aid. Financial aid for Spring 2021 will be disbursed the first week of February which is after the Winter Session courses end. For questions regarding your Spring 2021 financial aid please email our Financial Aid & Scholarships office at finaid@AState.edu.

  • Can I use my A-State Institutional scholarship to pay for Winter Session?

    Institutional Scholarships may not be used for the Winter Session. However, non-institutional scholarships may be used, and if you are also enrolled for the Spring 2021 semester you may use Winter credits toward your Spring 2021 hours. Check with our Financial Aid & Scholarships team at finaid@AState.edu

  • What if I’m not a current A-State student?

    No problem. If you were considering coming to A-State this fall but didn’t due to pandemic or economic concerns, this is a great way to check us out.

    • For students who were admitted to A-State in Fall 2020, but decided to not take any courses, please complete the Winter 2020 Interest Form located at: Admissions.AState.edu/register/Winter_Session_2020

      Your previous Fall 2020 application will need to be moved to the Winter 2020 term.  Please complete this form by December 11, 2020

      To access this form you will need to login with your Slate Application credentials that you created when previously applying for A-State.  If you have trouble logging in to the form please contact the undergraduate admissions office at Admissions@AState.edu or (870) 972-2782.
    • For transient students (students who are enrolled at a different university) and wish to take an A-State Winter course you will need to apply through A-State’s Transient Application.  Apply Here.

      Please select Undergrad Transient/NonDegree when choosing the Application Type.

      Transient students will need to submit an official transcript from their current institution.  Please have your official transcript electronically sent to AStateOnline@AState.edu or sent physically to

      A-State Online
      P.O. Box 2520
      State University, AR 72467

    For more information about the Winter Session please contact Natalie Cline at ncline@astate.edu or (870) 680-4236.

  • Who is teaching Winter Session?

    While the delivery method is online, these are traditional A-State courses taught by our Jonesboro faculty members.

  • Will my class make?

    Each class does need a minimum number of students, but by hosting the course online, the threshold number is much lower.  If a class does not make enrollment by December 7, 2020, it will be cancelled.  This allows you the chance to register for a different class before classes start.

  • Will the A-State Library be open during Winter Session?

    The Library’s online articles, eBooks, streaming media, and other resources will be available throughout the 2020-21 Winter Session via the Dean B. Ellis Library website: http://www.astate.edu/a/library/.

    Additionally, the Ask a Librarian live chat services will be available on that website throughout the three-week term. The physical Dean B. Ellis Library will be open limited hours during December 21 – January 3.  Normal operating hours will resume on January 4, 2021. Please use the following information for Library hours:

    Dec 21: Closed
    Dec 22 (Tuesday): 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Dec 23-28: Closed
    Dec 29 (Tuesday): 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Dec 30-Jan 3: Closed
    Jan 4-8 (M-F): 7:30 am – 5:00 pm

    During these hours, computers, printers, and physical books and journals will be available inside the Library, and students will be able to get in-person research assistance by coming in or calling 870-972-3208 when the Library is open.