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1) Order an Official Transcript (National Student Clearinghouse)

2) View an Unofficial Transcript (for currently enrolled students ONLY)

3) Immunization, Test Scores, Letters of Good Standing

Transcript Policies

  • Transcripts or other evidence of attendance will not be issued to or for a student who is in debt to the university.
  • We do not accept transcript requests over the phone, by fax or by email. For a copy of your transcript, please use one of the methods above.
  • Official transcripts of the student's ASU permanent record are issued on "security" paper with the seal of the University and the Registrar's signature.
  • Transcripts which have been presented for admission or evaluation of credit become a part of the student's permanent record and are not reissued. Transcripts from other institutions (including high schools) must be obtained directly from the original issuing institution.
  • Transcripts requested for currently enrolled students during the final exam period may have incomplete information from that term.
A full list of Transcript Policies can be found in the most current bulletin.