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In-State Students

A student applying to Arkansas State University shall be classified as an in-state student for fee payment purposes if he or she is a bona fide domiciliary of Arkansas and has resided in the state for at least six consecutive months prior to the beginning of the semester or term for which the fees are to paid. Bona Fide Arkansas domiciliary means that Arkansas is the legal home and place of permanent living of the student for all purposes.

Out-Of-State Students

An out-of-state student enrolled for a full, or substantially full, program of courses at Arkansas State University is considered to be in Arkansas primarily for the purpose of attending school and not for the purpose of establishing in good faith a true, fixed and permanent home. Continued presence in Arkansas during vacation periods or during a period when not enrolled, where any one such period does not extend for at least six months, shall not justify reclassification to an in-state student status. Mere physical presence in the state alone is insufficient for establishing residency.

Students who have established a bona fide domicile in Arkansas may request a change of residency status through the Office of Admissions, Records and Registration. Documents required for consideration of residency status reclassification include an "Application for Residency Classification as In-State Domiciliary" (application forms available in the Office of Admissions, Records and Registration) and an Arkansas state income tax return, Form AR1000, for the year preceding enrollment. A parent or legal guardian of unmarried applicants under 24 years of age must submit a copy of Arkansas tax return, Form AR1000. A minimum of three additional documents from the following must be provided for consideration of residency status change: (1) employer verification of dates of employment, (2) permanent Arkansas driver's license, (3) Arkansas voter registration, (4) lease agreement, 5) property tax payment assessment receipt, (6) utility bills. All documents submitted must include dates indicating six months of residency.

Initial out-of-state residency classification shall not prejudice consideration for reclassification for subsequent semesters or terms of enrollment, provided the student has acquired a bona fide Arkansas domicile and has resided in Arkansas thereafter for six continuous months prior to reclassification by the university. Non-immigrant alien students who have petitioned for permanent resident status will be eligible for consideration for in-state tuition six months from the date of petition.

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False Information

A student who knowingly gives false information in an attempt to evade out-of-state fee payment shall be subject to dismissal from the university.

Submission Deadline

Applications and appropriate documentation must be received by the Office of Admissions, Records and Registration no later than the tenth class day (fifth day of summer session) to be considered for in-state fee assessment for the semester or term.

Tuition and Fee Waiver Policy for Out of State Students

Information on the waiver policy can be found here: Tuition and Fee Waiver Policy