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Change Your Major

The Office of the Registrar has an electronic Change of Major form which can be accessed only by faculty and staff. If you have questions about changing your major, reach out to your academic advisor.

How to Change Your Major

The student goes to the department of the new major and meets with the new advisor or departmental staff. The new advisor or departmental staff submits the online Change of Major form.

It is up to the department chair to determine whether students meet with a department advisor or department staff. The Office of the Registrar only provides the means for submitting the change of major information.

The advisor and the student will receive an email stating that the submission has occurred. The  Office of the Registrar also receives an email for processing. When the change is processed, an email will be sent to the advisor stating that the change of major is complete.

The student should bear in mind that a change may result in modifying graduation requirements to such an extent that graduation may be delayed.