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Admission Requirements

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2024 Applicants

Freshmen applicants who meet one of the following criteria will receive automatic admission to Arkansas State. While you have to meet minimum criteria, test scores are still required:

  • 3.00 cumulative high school grade point average (or GED test score equivalent) OR
  • 19 minimum ACT super score or minimum 990 combined SAT super score OR
  • Class rank in the top 20% of applicant's graduating class

Admitted freshmen who require remediation (based on entrance exam scores) or who have less than a 3.00 cumulative high school GPA will be required to participate in the Transition Studies leadership based support program throughout their enrollment at Arkansas State University


Freshmen applicants who do not meet automatic admission standards may be admitted to the university upon approval of the Undergraduate Admissions Appeal Committee. Freshmen approved by the Undergraduate Admissions Appeal Committee will participate in the Transition Studies leadership-based support program. In addition to an official high school transcript and official entrance exam scores, submit to the committee:

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose answering the following prompts:
    • Why is A-State a good fit for you and your educational goals?
    • What are your academic and personal strengths and how do you plan to grow as a student at A-State?
    • What experiences outside of the classroom impact or had an impact on your academic performance.

Documents must be submitted at least two weeks before the start of classes for the semester.




Transfer students are encouraged to apply for admissions the semester prior to enrolling in classes. You must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA on ALL transfer work. Students still in high school who have earned college credit should apply as a freshman.


  • Completed Online Application
  • $30 Application Fee
  • Official college transcript(s) from all colleges attended (emailed attachments and faxes will not be accepted)
  • Completion of English Comp I and College Algebra OR official entrance exam scores
  • Immunization Record (2 MMRs)



Individuals who wish to pursue courses of special interest without submitting academic credentials may register for a maximum of six hours per semester (or three per summer term) accumulating up to 12 semester hours of undergraduate non-degree credit. Thereafter, non-degree students must comply with university admissions requirements or obtain a written waiver from the Registrar.

CAUTION: Non-degree students should not enroll in courses that are required in the general education program. Courses taken for non-degree credit are not acceptable toward a degree unless validated later by the student's meeting all conditions for admission to the university, including remediation requirements.

Non-degree students are required to meet the same course prerequisites as other students. Non-degree students are generally not eligible to participate in financial aid programs. Due to specific enrollment limitations, non-degree students may not register through the university's web registration system.




Students who have earned a bachelor's degree and plan to enroll in additional undergraduate coursework should apply as a post-degree student. This includes students who earned a bachelor's degree at A-State.


  • Completed Online Application
  • $30 Application Fee
  • Official college transcript where the bachelor's degree was received
  • Immunization Record (2 MMRs)



Students who have previously attended A-State but have not completed a bachelor's degree should apply as a readmit student. If you earned credit at A-State while still in high school, you should apply as a freshman or transfer student. Students who attended A-State and then attended another college should apply as a readmit student and submit the transcript from another institution.


  • Completed Online Application
  • $30 Application Fee
  • Completion of English Comp I and College Algebra OR entrance exam scores
  • Official College Transcript (If attended another institution after you attended A-State)
  • Immunization Record (2 MMRs)



Students who have not earned a bachelor's degree who are enrolled at another institution and plan to transfer coursework back to their home institution should apply as a transient student. Transient students are required to meet the same course prerequisites as other students. Transient students are not eligible for financial aid or scholarships.


  • Completed Online Application
  • $30 Application Fee
  • Official college transcript from currently enrolled college or letter of good standing
  • Immunization Record (2 MMRs)


The A-State Concurrent Program is a partnership between the university and high schools to offer qualified high school students the opportunity to satisfy both high school and university credit requirements simultaneously through specific concurrent credit courses.

For more information on the A-State Concurrent Program, including admission requirements, click here.