Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Career Services Center

You are encouraged to register with the Career Services Center, located on the second floor of the Chickasaw building. This registration process provides services important to your job search. These interrelated services are your credential file, job referrals, and on-campus interviews.

Your credential file will include a data sheet or resume, recommendations, and a transcript. It is suggested that you include recommendations from a major instructor and your clinical supervisor(s). Request for recommendations should be made before you graduate because sometimes people relocate or retire and these recommendations become difficult to obtain. It is also suggested that you keep your file updated by periodically adding recommendations from your employer.

When your credentials are filed with this office, your name is placed in the active file making you eligible to receive job referrals for teaching positions. These will be mailed to you. In addition, each semester, school administrators conduct on-campus interviews for teachers. These visits are publicized through classroom announcements, notices posted on bulletin boards, and notices on the web. You are welcome to come to the office to obtain information for on-campus interviews.

The Career Services Center also has printed and video-taped information which will help you to develop interviewing skills and other techniques related to your job search. Remember that your credential files are for future use and the services of this office are available indefinitely to graduates of Arkansas State University.