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Adding Additional Teaching Area to Current Licensure

Teaching Area Add-On

Please follow instructions below to apply for adding Reading Specialist K-12, Dyslexia K-12, Gifted and Talented K-12, Guidance and Counseling, and Special Education K-12 to an existing Arkansas teaching license:

Online Application

  •  Log-on at https://aels.ade.arkansas.gov/AELS/Account/TeacherLogin.aspx
  • Select Add an Area to My License
  • Select By Program of Study
  • Select Arkansas State University under Educator Preparation Program
  • Select the appropriate licensure area from the drop-down menu next to Area to Add and click Add Area
  • Double check that the appropriate area is selected
  • Click Continue

Complete the information requested on the pages that follow.


All official A-State transcripts must be requested and sent electronically from the Registrar’s Office to the Arkansas Department of Education’s Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (ADESE), NOT Arkansas Department of Higher Education. If you have no holds and are able to request a transcript, please use the first option, External College Code. Please select the Request Official Transcript through Standard Mail or Request eTranscript to AR Dept. of Education (ADE) option.  You will enter the code for Arkansas Department of Education (912216) to send it from A-State to ADESE. This will populate a screen revealing the institution’s information to whom the transcript will be sent.  Note* It is the applicant’s responsibility to have transcripts sent to ADESE; not A-State’s.  Be sure to order transcripts AFTER your degree has been posted.  Not doing so will delay your license. Graduation/Certificate date MUST be printed on the transcript.  If there is no date printed on your transcript after the degree conferral date, please contact your advisor to complete a Program of Study form if you were not seeking a degree.

Praxis Score Report

When taking all Praxis exams, be sure to have scores submitted to Arkansas State University (Code 6011) and to the Arkansas Department of Education. You will not submit a paper copy of your score report unless requested to do so.

For information about Praxis exams, view online at https://www.ets.org/praxis/ar/test-takers/plan-your-test/licensure.html (scroll down to see licensure areas).


Once your application has been submitted, Ms. Tiffany N. Mosley, Educator Licensure Specialist at Arkansas State University, will review for confirmation of recommendation from Dr. Audrey Bowser, the Professional Licensure Officer.  This review process could take from 1-5 days, depending on the licensure workload.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding licensure, please call toll free 866-881-3168 and ask for Professional Education Programs, or directly at 870-972-2099.  The contact persons for the Professional Education Programs office are Ms. Tiffany N. Mosley, tnmosley@astate.edu and Dr. Audrey Bowser, abowser@astate.edu

To check the status of your license, you may visit the Arkansas Department of Education’s Licensure website (https://aels.ade.arkansas.gov/AELS/Account/TeacherLogin.aspx).  If the licensure area you are requesting to have added is not listed, contact Ms. Tiffany Mosley at tnmosley@astate.edu or 870-972-2099.

To verify that an applicant can be recommended for licensure in another state, he/she must be eligible for professional licensure in the state of Arkansas. This certifies completion of an approved preparation program for licensure in a state other than your own.