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Admission: Checkpoint 1

It is the applicant's responsibility, with the assistance of the advisor, to initiate the Application for Admission into the teacher education program in accordance with the procedures established by the department screening committee (See form on pages 29-30 of the Initial Programs Handbook, Appendix B). This committee will evaluate the applicant's records and determine eligibility for admission into the Teacher Education Program. 

New Requirements:

To be considered for Admission into the Teacher Education Program, teacher candidates must meet/complete the following criteria:

  1. Submit the Application for Admission
  2. Transcript documenting a minimum overall GPA of 2.70 beginning August 24, 2015 (minimum of 3.0 overall in courses for MAT and Program of Study)
  3. A grade of “C” or better in ENG 1003, ENG 1013, MATH 1023 or 1043, SCOM 1203 and Intro to Education course
  4. A minimum of 30 semester hours
  5. Copy of the Educator Dispositions Self-Assessment
  6. A signed Clarification of Teacher Education Admissions/Retention Standards
  7. Documentation of an Approved Arkansas State Police (ASP) and FBI Background Check and the Arkansas Child Maltreatment Background Check Online Background Check Instructions
    • A-State teacher education students and A-State faculty/staff select Arkansas State University for District/Location and use 8800002 for the Verification Code.  
  8. Verification that a copy of the Mission & Values, Teacher Education Outcomes and Arkansas Teaching Standards was received
  9. Signatures to document a personal interview before the Department Screening Committee
Candidates will not be permitted to enroll in specified professional education courses until they have been formally admitted into the teacher education program.  Such courses are designated by an asterisk in the Undergraduate Bulletin.  When the candidate application is approved by the Professional Education Programs Director, candidates will receive official notification via email. Official admittance to the teacher education program does not carry a guarantee of continuance in the program.  In addition to the retention checkpoints described below, candidates must maintain academic proficiency, moral responsibility, emotional stability, and satisfactory professional growth to continue in the program.