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Types of Fees

  • Event Parking Permits - $2.00/day (A-State students and employees may not use event permits)
  • Surface Parking Daily Set Up Fee - $15.00/each 50 spaces
  • Surface Parking Daily Per Space Fee - $1.00
  • Deck Parking Daily Set Up Fee - $25.00/each 50 spaces
  • Deck Parking Daily Per Space Fee - $3.00
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How to Setup Parking for Your Event

The following steps must be followed by your event coordinator:

1. Complete a Request Form

The event coordinator will make a request for event parking to A-State Parking Services by completing the Event Parking Request Form. Before completing the form, the coordinator should decide what services are needed. For instance, will the event require parking spaces to be physically secured (fee required) or will the display of event permits ($2.00/day) be sufficient? Event permits allow event participants to park in either visitor parking or in general unrestricted commuter parking. The event coordinator must indicate on the form that the procedures and pricing information have been read and are understood. Once the request is approved, the Customer Service staff will contact the event coordinator by email or phone to verify details and financial responsibilities.

2. Communication to Event Participants

The event coordinator will be responsible for communicating event parking information to the event participants. Coordinators are encouraged to provide information to participants through their organizational websites, mailings, email, and other communication modes. When possible, coordinators are encouraged to include event parking permits with any mailings that are sent related to the event which allows the event permits to be secured by the participants in advance of arriving to campus for events.

3. Payment of Fees

Event coordinators from A-State departments must submit a requisition to Parking Services for the applicable fees posted for the services requested. Coordinators from other organizations must make payment arrangements with the Customer Service Manager.

Note: A-State students and employees are not permitted to use event parking permits. Students and employees must display current A-State student or employee parking permits.