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The CITI Program has training materials for responsible conduct of research, human subjects research, animal care and use, biosecurity/biosafety, and export control.

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Blackboard contains the following laboratory/studio safety training courses. Any employee or non-University personnel who work in the University’s laboratory facilities must take the classes that are applicable to their disciplines and must pass the associated tests with a grade of 80% or better. Please contact Robert Clark to gain access to the modules.

  • Air Pollution
  • Art Safety Precautions
  • Biological Safety:
    • Users
    • Ancillary
    • SOPs included in Submissions
  • Bloodborne Pathogens:
    • Users amd Ancillary
  • Compressed Gas Training
  • Hazmat Training
  • Housekeeping, General
  • Laboratory Move-in and Check-out
  • Laboratory Safety, General:
    • Glassware, Storage and Washing
    • Chemical Spills
    • Chemical Storage and Disposal
    • P2 Programs including orientation to MSDS (Chemical Hygiene)
    • Apparatus Protocols:
      • Autoclaves
      • Biological Safety Cabinets
      • Centrifuges
      • Eyewash and Safety Showers
      • Fire Extinguishers
      • Fume Hoods
      • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
      • Refrigerators
      • Respirators
      • Storage Cabinets
  • Laser Safety:
    • Ancillary
  • Purchasing,Packaging, and Shipping/ Receiving of Hazardous Materials
  • Radiation Safety:
    • Users
    • Ancillary
    • Specialty Training
  • Silica Hazard

Laser Safety

The Laser Safety Institute of America offers training for advanced laser users who operate lasers of Class 3 and above. Contact Robert Clark, Director of Environmental Health and Safety and campus Laser Safety Officer, for additional information.

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