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About the Museum Collections

Arkansas State University Museum began in 1933 as a project of the Arkansas State College History Club. The club had been collecting material with the intent of opening a museum in Wilson Hall. Early collecting covered a wide range of topics, Arkansas related as well as items that represented global culture. Students, faculty, and the public donated to the museum and staff went on collecting trips to amass much of the material represented in the collection.


Today the Museum focuses on collecting to its mission, the history and culture of all the peoples who have called Northeast Arkansas and the Northern Mississippi River Delta home. With over 56,000 objects ranging from animal and plant fossils, Paleoindian projectile points and Mississippian era pottery, to “modern” kitchen gadgets and farm equipment.


If you have a collections inquiry or if you would like to submit materials for consideration by the Curatorial Committee please email museum@astate.edu. Include as much history of the object as possible and include photos. Doing so will ensure a faster review process.