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Jimmie G. English

First Lieutenant

Killed in Action


        Jimmie G. English was born April 4th 1919 in Earle, AR. He graduated Arkansas State University in 1940 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. He was a member of the Kappa Sigma Nu. Fraternity Vice- Pres. On the Hearld Staff, Editor; Press Club; Indian Staff ;Sports Editor; Assoc. Editor; Scabbard and Blade; Sponsor Alpha Sigma ; ROTC CPT Sr. Yr; Bus Ad. Club; Who’s Who in Am. Universities and Colleges.

        He commissioned as 2LT at Arkansas State University in 1940, shortly after was stationed at Fort Riley, KS for Artillery training. In July 1941 2LT English family received a letter that he departed St. Francisco for Manila aboard the S.S. Coolidge. He was assigned to the US Army 1st Battalion 88th Field Arty Regt., Philippine Scouts. LT English had been reported Missing in Action, but later wrote his father in April of 1942 from Camp Cabanatuan that he had been taken prisoner after surviving the Bataan Death March.

        According to a message from the War Department, LT English’s name appeared on the official Japanese government list of Allied prisoners who were being transported from the Philippines to the Japanese mainland and was killed Jan. 09, 1945 when American forces bombed the Enoura Maru unaware they were transporting American prisoners.