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Joseph L. Chambers

First Lieutenant

Distinguished Flying Cross

Joseph L. Chambers, was born 22 October 1946, in Greenville, South Carolina. He graduated from Arkansas State University with a B.S. in math and commissioned in the U.S. Army, as a second lieutenant, 30 May 1969. "He first flew a Huey and received his wings, 17 April 1970." Lieutenant Chambers deployed, 1 June 1970, for duty in Vietnam. Between 11 June and 20 June 1970, he flew more than twenty-five aerial missions over hostile territory. On 1 September 1970, First Lieutenant Chambers was killed east of Phouc Vinh, Long Khanh Province, Republic of Vietnam. He was posthumously awarded the Air Medal, the Bronze Star, and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

On 1 September 1970, First Lieutenant Joseph L. Chambers, aircraft commander of a UH-1H helicopter, volunteered to fly an aircraft attempting to establish communications with a lost reconnaissance team. Maneuvering under hazardous, night-flying conditions, flying low-level to avoid foul weather over difficult terrain, he endeavored to complete the mission. While he was making a turn, his aircraft smashed into the ground instantly killing all on board