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Mike D. Beebe

Governor of Arkansas 2007-2014


        Born in Amagon, Arkansas, Governor Mike Beebe earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science while participating in ROTC at Arkansas State University in 1968. He completed law school in 1972 while serving in the U.S. Army Reserve from 1968-1974. Prior to taking office as the 45th Governor of Arkansas in 2007, he served in several key governmental and leadership positions including Attorney General of Arkansas, the Board of Trustees at Arkansas State University and President of the Senate in his last of five terms in the Arkansas Senate.

        During his eight years as Governor and the Commander in Chief of the Arkansas National Guard, he deployed 8,166 Soldiers and Airmen to support the Global War on Terror in Iraq, Afghanistan and other regions around the world. His guiding principle has been, and remains today, when sending Arkansas’ sons and daughters into harm’s way to protect the freedoms we enjoy; it is paramount they receive the best training and equipment possible. Governor Beebe also called upon the National Guard to support local authorities throughout the state during disasters and other domestic operations by executing 486 State Active Duty missions. The immediate care and welfare for the citizens of Arkansas are first and foremost his priorities.

        Governor Beebe’s support for military personnel and their families is unprecedented. He established the Arkansas Yellow Ribbon Task Force, which ensures the preservation and protection of our current and former military personnel and their families. He established state and community based programs and initiatives to improve the quality of life for Soldiers and their Families during and after deployments. He also established the Governor Mike Beebe Veterans Fund to provide college scholarships to returning military personnel. Governor Beebe’s legacy of leadership will have an enduring impact on Arkansas.