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About Military Science

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Army ROTC resides at Arkansas State University to offer classes and hands on training focused primarily on leadership in small organizations. These classes are open to all ASTATE students and, through inter-school agreements, to students at ASU-Beebe, Harding University and Williams Baptist College. 


The Mission of the A-State ROTC Red Wolf Battalion is to Recruit, Retain, Educate, and Develop Senior ROTC Cadets to become officers of character who will lead the Total Army in service to Nation, State, and Community.

Vision: We are one team of dedicated military and civilian professionals, partnered with the Universities we serve, to motivate and develop future leaders into ones who are agile, adaptive, critical thinkers ready to lead in complex operating environments; inspiring others to serve their community, state and nation as ethical and moral citizens and leaders.

Our Values are nested within the Army Values:

  1. Professionalism: Selfless Service, Stewardship, and Excellence in everything we do.
  2. Commitment: Trust, Loyalty, Teamwork, and above all; Caring.
  3. Accountability: Integrity, Ethics, Morals, Honesty, and Candor.


The ROTC program is broken down into 4 years (2 semester courses per year) in order to adequately train future officers of the United States Army. Cadets who have prior service and have completed basic combat training are only required to take the junior and senior level courses. MSLI and MSLII courses teach basic soldiering skills from a leadership standpoint, while the advanced MSLIII and MSLIV courses enhance and develop adaptive leaders in preparation for Warrior Forge and commissioning as a Second Lieutenant. Physical fitness training is conducted every morning. The number of days a cadet is required to attend is dependent on his/her MSL course. A two-hour lab is conducted each week in order to put classroom knowledge into practical application, and Physical Fitness is a very important requirement to lead our nations most precious resource: our Enlisted Soldiers, so we will conduct physical fitness training a minimum of 3.5 hours per week. Potential Cadets interested in the program, who either are pursuing a masters degree or already have 57 credit hours toward a bachelors degree will attend the Basic Camp Course at Fort Knox, KY, the summer prior to his/her junior year. Cadets who have completed their MSLIII training will attend the Advanced Camp Course at Fort Knox, KY during the summer between his/her junior and senior years. This program of training will prepare these future officers for success as they begin their career serving the United States Army.


Army ROTC was initially established at Arkansas State University as an Artillery unit on 20 January 1936, with the Basic Course being mandatory instruction for all male students. In September of 1952, ASTATE lost affiliation with the Artillery branch when selected as one of thirty institutions to test the General Military Science curriculum, which continues even today. This curriculum allows ASTATE commissionees the opportunity to serve in ANY branch of the U.S. Army, depending on their personal desire and qualifications, and the needs of the Army.

The mandatory feature of the program was discontinued in 1971, resulting in a state of change in the program at ASTATE. It was also in this year that ASU ROTC was first opened to females, with two entering the program that first year. The program has evolved from a comprehensive one, involving almost the entire male student body, to an incentive driven and voluntary program oriented to quality production based on active recruiting for those that want to become commissioned officers.

Many ASTATE ROTC graduates have risen to prominence in and out of the Army. several have achieved the rank of Major General. Other graduates have gone on to become Medal of Honor, Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross, and Distinguished Flying Cross recipients: many paying the ultimate sacrifice to their country. Some have become senators, statesmen, corporate businessmen, and one was the past president of Arkansas State University. Today the ASTATE Red Wolf Battalion is as strong as ever. Is is composed of outstanding men and women with various backgrounds and interests. Our cadets are active in a variety of social and scholastic organizations. We offer classes in leadership, rappelling, marksmanship, fitness, and military history as we continue to develop tomorrow's leaders today.