Welcome to Arkansas State University!

President Rashad Kirksey (2020-2021)

  • ER 20.21.01 - Student Government Association budget.
  • SR 20.21.01 - Resolution to implement annual Student Government Association Awards.

President Erika Tuck (2019-2020)

  • ER 19.20.01 - Student Government Association budget.
  • ER 19.20.02 - Resolution to present welcome gifts for first year students.
  • ER 19.20.03 - Resolution to support the ban of non-biodegradable balloon and sky lantern releases on campus.
  • ER 19.20.04 - Resolution to implement mandatory forums for class senators.
  • ER 19.20.05 - Resolution to require senators to attend Registered Student Organization meetings.
  • ER 19.20.06 - Resolution to support the “It’s on Us” movement.
  • ER 19.20.07 - Resolution for the establishment of an outdoor and recreation experience program, Red Wolf Explore.
  • ER 19.20.08 - Proposal to adopt the revised constitution.
  • ER 19.20.09 - Resolution to add signage to University Housing doors to increase campus safety and awareness.
  • ER 19.20.10 - Resolution to create an annual accessibility campus walk.
  • ER 19.20.11 - Resolution to request Arkansas State University make a commitment to no longer construct buildings without elevators or lifts.
  • SR 19.20.01 (did not pass)
  • SR 19.20.02 - Resolution in support of University Housing creating a committee to reevaluate the visitation policy of designated first-year student resident halls.
  • SR 19.20.03 - Resolution to amend the Constitution Article V, Section 5, Subsection b to specify that one of the four graduate senator seats be reserved by appointment from the Graduate Student Council Executive Board.
  • SR 19.20.04 - Resolution to request a University announcement to eliminate “Jumpin’ Joe Indian” and embrace the Red Wolf on campus and in our surrounding community.
  • President Veto of SR 19.20.04
  • SR 19.20.05 - Resolution in support of the addition of courtesy signs on the accessible bathroom stalls across campus.
  • SR 19.20.06 - Resolution to create an annual campus safety walk.

President Jon Mark Horton (2018-2019)

President Haley Stotts (2017-2018)

President Hannah Aldridge (2016-2017)

President Logan Mustain (2014-2016)

President D'Andre Anderson (2013-2014)

President Hunter Petrus (2011-2013)

President Adrian Everett (2010-2011)

President Ryan Beaird (2008-2010)

President Morgan Pippin (2007-2008)

President Tiffany Frazier (2006-2007)

President Candace Martin (2005-2006)

President Jake Hampton (2004-2005)

President Shelley LunBeck (2003-2004)

President Sach Oliver (2002-2003)

President Andrea Smalec (2001-2002)