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Leadership Center Daily Digest

Daily Digest Submissions for Student Events

Note: Please follow the policies listed at All-User Guidelines and Digest.

Each organization submission must include the following details:

  • Event title (actual title, not a shortened or “working” title)
  • Event date
  • Event time
  • Event location
  • Name of event contact person or department (plus their email address and/or phone number)

Campus Calendar

All events submitted to the Daily Digest must also be entered in the Campus Calendar Submit Event system. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!

Posting Limitations

You may post three (3) times regarding an event or news item. You choose the dates. They should be for:

  • Announcement – letting campus know of an upcoming item
  • Reminder – alerting the campus of an event or deadline
  • Deadline – a final reminder related to the event
  • If there are legal/regulatory reasons for posting an announcement more than three times, provide the Leadership Center (972-2055) or caallen@astate.edu, with information supporting your reason for additional postings.


The deadline for submission is 1:00pm on the business day before the first posting date.

Image Use

DO NOT include images in your announcements. This is an ADA (American with Disabilities Act) violation because text and other information contained in the image will not be accessible to users.