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  • Supporting First-Year Students: A Virtual Discussion Series

    Supporting First-Year Students: A Virtual Discussion Series

    Take a break from your “new normal” routine and join (via Zoom) colleagues from across campus as we discover and discuss ways to support first-year students and help them to develop the skills they need to be successful learners and global citizens. We will explore one key topic during each Zoom discussion, keeping our primary goal of supporting first-year students in mind. Anyone who teaches at A-State is welcome to join one, two, or all of the discussions. To increase interaction during discussions, participants are strongly encouraged to read or view free digital resources focusing on each topic prior to the discussion of that topic. Please see the list of topics and meeting dates below, and feel free to explore the resources at any time. The same ZOOM LINK will be used for all of the discussions. For additional information, please e-mail Ruth Owens (rsupko@astate.edu) or Kelli Listenbee (klee@astate.edu). The Faculty Center is collaborating with Learning Support Services and Undergraduate Studies to arrange for this discussion series.

    Meeting Date



    Thursday, February 11, 12:30-1:30

    Technology and Today’s Student

    Kelli Listenbee

    Thursday, February 25, 12:30-1:30

    Problem-Based and Project-Based Learning

    Ruth Owens

    Thursday, March 11, 12:30-1:30

    Equity for Diverse Learners

    Bethany Gallimore

    Thursday, April 1, 12:30-1:30

    Factors Influencing Development of Professional Identity

    John Artim

    See a fuller description of each topic and chosen resources HERE

    Zoom link for sessions is HERE

  • Lumen Learning Webinars

    Lumen Learning Webinars

    lumen logo

    Lumen’s affordable course materials are designed to strengthen learning using open educational resources (OER). Lumen provides high quality, interactive learning content, online homework, and personalized feedback to help students study and learn more effectively, with plenty of opportunities to engage in active learning. Here is Lumen's course catalog to search your course(s) and review material available. 

    Please join us to learn more about the courseware offered for Waymaker and OHM. You can register for one of the webinars listed below: 

    Waymaker (Business, Natural and Social Science, English, College Success, Computer Apps, Spanish, etc) 

    OHM (Math, Accounting, Chemistry) 

  • TopHat Webinars

    TopHat Logo

    TopHat Webinars

    Teaching with Data: Identifying Struggling Students & Maintaining Academic Integrity
    Feb 10 @ 11AM Central / 12PM Eastern

    This 1 hour session will focus on the key building blocks in Top Hat for engaging students with active learning and utilizing a data driven approach teaching in a remote or hybrid setting.

    Topics to cover:

    • Account creation & course setup with Top Hat and BlackBoard
    • Successful course organization for remote engagement
    • Using Top Hat interactive content (questions, discussions, slides)
    • Using Top Hat for asynchronous course delivery to keep students engaged
    • Setting students up for success
    • Academic integrity

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    Introductory Course Content and Authoring with Top Hat
    Feb 18 @ 1PM Central/2PM Eastern

    This 1 hour session will focus Top Hat’s diverse and flexible Marketplace, where you can find titles on the most popular introductory courses for first year students. We’ll explore the “out of the box” solutions, and options for professors who have had the idea to innovate their courses with their own content by authoring.

    Topics to cover:

    • Exploring the Marketplace
    • Adding Intro Content to your course shell
    • Intro Course Content
    • Customizing your book using Pages
    • Tying it together with Weekly Course Insights

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    Keeping Students Engaged Offline
    Feb 25 @ 3PM Central/4PM Eastern

    This 1 hour session will focus building assignments and modules that are engaging students before and after class. Top Hat asynchronous tools keep students on track before, during and after class.

    Topics to cover:

    • Account creation & course setup with Top Hat and BlackBoard
    • Customized course organization
    • Editing Top Hat Pages
    • Tips and Tricks for Interactivity with Pages
    • The student experience
    • Weekly Insight Reports

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    What is TopHat?

    Top Hat is an active learning platform making teaching fun and effective. With educators at over 750 institutions adopting Top Hat, the small changes have made a huge impact with students and educators in higher education.

  • Introduction to OERs and Library Resources


    April Sheppard, Assistant Director of Public Services for the Dean B. Ellis Library, will provide information regarding open educational resources (OERs) and licensing. Using OER and free library resources is a great way to lower the cost of education for our students and to create innovative course materials that may be more engaging to students than traditional textbooks.

    Introduction to OERs and Library Resources

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