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Faculty List Serv

ITS provides a faculty listserv (Faculty-L@mailman.astate.edu) that serves as the formal means of communication between the Faculty Senate President and the entire faculty body. It also provides a forum for A-State faculty to discuss topics of interest. All full-time faculty members and librarians are automatically enrolled into the listserv. A message can be sent to the list by addressing it to Faculty-L@mailman.astate.edu. If you receive a message and want to contribute to the discussion, choose the reply option to respond to the poster of the message or reply-all to respond to the entire group.


To unsubscribe send an email to Faculty-L-request@mailman.astate.edu and put the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line (without quotation marks). The body of the message should be blank. Members can choose to opt out at any time as well.

To be added or reinstated to the listserv, complete the form below. You must be an active faculty on the A-State Jonesboro campus and/or receive approval from the Faculty Senate President to be added. The Faculty Senate President will then submit the formal request to ITS_Systems@astate.edu.