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Information Technology Services offers a variety of communications products and services to meet the needs of the University community. The ITS Business Services team provides full customer support to ensure ease of obtaining services and billing.

The Communications Services Statement

The Communications Services Statement (CSS) is an online billing system for all Information Technology related charges. The Statement is published monthly and is broken into the following categories:

Each month, employees with access to the Statement are delivered an email with information on logging into the statement. Each department is provided a two-day grace period for reviewing charges and reporting any discrepancies to ITS. Upon completion of the grace period, charges are posted to Banner.

Frequency of Billing

Billing occurs 1 month in arrears for services rendered.

Fixed Charges-Voice Over IP Phones
Fixed Charges are fees for Voice Over IP telephones that are billed annually. In July each year, the CSS details the charges for each department’s telephones for the entire fiscal year.

Cellular Service and Billing
The University offers a variety of mobility device and data plan options to meet user needs.
To order your phone, data plans and/or accessories:  Please contact Information Technology Services at 870-972-3033

Long Distance Service and Billing

Long Distance service is provided to departments at a per minute usage rate. Upon request, employees are assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for all usage that is then billed to the responsible department each month. Obtain a Long Distance PIN by contacting ITS by telephone (870.972.3033) or by emailing mcureton@astate.edu.

Adjustments and Other Charges

Adjustments and Other Charges is comprised of all IT related charges that are incurred from IDTs, Work Orders, Construction Projects, and/or other miscellaneous activities.