Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Students at Various Computers on Campus


Information Technology Services (ITS) is committed to providing current, stable, and reliable technology solutions and services. Through an active partnership with the university community, we creatively and effectively deliver information that people need.


We believe the following values are an important part of serving the campus community:

  • We maintain a culture of service. Our most valued outcome is the enabling of education and research through a shared set of beliefs that we contribute directly to our institutional success.
  • We are collaborative with university leadership and constituents in our approach to information technology planning, services, and decision-making.
  • We recognize and foster a collaborative environment in which faculty, staff, and students may participate as partners in establishing the university direction and contributing to our shared success.
  • We believe that organizations that possess a culture of collaboration achieve alignment by providing quality services that meet the needs of the constituents we serve.
  • Our goal is to provide technologies that support strategic directions and operational needs of the university.
  • We believe that IT effectiveness is best achieved when our priorities, effort, and initiatives are directly linked to the teaching, learning, and research activities of the university.
  • Our goal is to enable the university to extend its scope of services by making information and education more accessible to the constituents we serve.
  • We recognize that faculty, staff, and students expect to have access to education and content anytime, anywhere. All of our services, priorities, and efforts share this priority.
  • Our goal is to consistently drive increases in accessibility to the teaching, learning, and research services of the university through reliable technologies that connect people and information.
  • Our technology services and solutions work.
  • We believe that because our services work, we succeed as a team and as an institution.
  • When our services do not meet the expectations of our faculty, staff, and students, we lead in providing solutions that do.
  • Our processes, planning, and technologies are open and inclusive.