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Students are not allowed by regulations to work-off campus without the express consent of the US government and USCIS approval. Such off-campus work consists of OPT and CPT.  For more information see the pages below:

Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Other Types of Off-Campus Work

If there are other types of off-campus work or internships you would you like to take part in and do not know if you have proper authorization please contact our office or come speak with us.


Students are responsible for maintaining their own immigration status at all times.

Please remember as you review the information on this page:

  • This information is susceptible to change.
  • This information is not an exhaustive list pertaining to enrollment requirements.
  • For additional information regarding enrollment requirements, students can visit: www.ice.gov,www.uscis.gov, or speak with the international programs office. 

Students are responsible at all times for properly informing the DSO of their immigration status and academic status (as pertaining to immigration matters).