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Current Student Profile-Dr.Linwood Whitten


Dr. Linwood Whitten is currently employed by Alabama State University and holds the titles Director of Diversity and International Affairs/Title IX, Coordinator. He is currently pursuing a Master of Science in College Student Personnel Services from Arkansas State University. Growing up as a military kid his childhood experiences, both living and studying abroad in multicultural, constantly changing environments prepared him for a career in what he likes to call “passion work”! He says that his studies at A-State have helped him fulfill a self-commitment of being a life learner.  He was selected by the nationally acclaimed Diversity Abroad Network in Global Education (Diversity Abroad) to serve as a Task Force Member for Minority Serving Institutions. Dr. Linwood Whitten is a man of significant accomplishments and has devoted a life to serving others by serving on countless teams and organizations.

How did your study at A-State impact your personal and professional life?

“Studying at A-State provides me with an opportunity to fulfill a self-commitment of being life learner.  My program also allows me to maintain a satisfying work-life balance as a working professional in higher education.  The professors are extremely knowledgeable in their content areas and they are always helpful when you need assistance.”

What were your favorite courses or experiences at A-State?

“Thus far, I have enjoyed Development and Advancement led by Dr. Les Wyatt, and Multicultural Dynamics taught by Dr. Lonnie Williams.”

What does it mean to you to serve as a Task Force Member with the Diversity Abroad Network?

Serving as a Task Force Member with the Diversity Abroad Network means that I hold a national level position to advocate for access and additional resources to assist Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) in the field of international education, specifically study abroad.  The task force, more importantly, provides me with an opportunity to educate stakeholders and administrators about some of the programmatic challenges MSIs overcome, and the experiential learning importance of study abroad programs in efforts to attract more diverse student populations.  My hope is each institution that serves minorities and other underrepresented student populations make a concerted effort to implement strategic initiatives focused on active recruitment, coupled with the allocation of financial support to increase study abroad participation and destination options in Africa and Latin countries.  

How would you stress the importance of diversity on a college/university campus?

“Will Smith once said, “Diversity is America’s Super Power”.  In early America, institutions of higher education were established to equip students with the knowledge to lead this powerful diverse nation, which was referred to as the “melting pot” during the 18th and 19th centuries due to the fusion of nationalities, cultures, and ethnicities.  Today, as one of the most respected educational systems in the world we should deliberately embrace and celebrate diversity, in addition to fostering a culture of inclusion on college campuses.  It is paramount that we train college students to become culturally competent enough to lead the rest of the world in the fields of commerce, science, technology, education, and politics.”