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Asynchronous tutoring means that you will submit your paper to us electronically, and we will respond via email within the set time limit.

Since there will not be a real-time conversation, we ask you to submit a few documents with your essay including your instructor’s rubric, assignment sheet, syllabus, and any documents that specify goals and formatting for the assignment. By submitting these documents, we will get an insight on what the assignment asks of you.

We ask that you take a few moments to include a few thoughts on what you feel confident about in terms of your writing for this assignment as well as your most problematic areas; this will help us further develop our focus as we comment on your essay.

We want to assure you that we compose our feedback thoughtfully and supportively. We are here as collaborators!


Synchronous tutoring means that the tutoring session will happen with the tutor and tutee in two separate locations but will still occur in real-time.

For synchronous sessions to run smoothly, there is not much to do differently than you might in a standard, face-to-face tutoring session. You will need to provide the tutor with as much information as possible before the session formally begins. Please supply us with your assignment sheet and rubric. You may also consider including your syllabus, any outlines or notes, or any documents that specify goals and formatting for the assignment. Providing these documents will help us get an idea of what your instructor is asking for in this assignment and how you might best meet these expectations. Try to jot down a few thoughts on your strengths in the current assignment and where you feel like you need the most help.

OWC Policy: Please keep in mind that our tutoring services have a maximum time limit of 1 hour. While we will do our best to fulfill all of your writing needs, papers requiring extra attention, or especially lengthy papers, will require an additional appointment(s). Students can request one appointment per day.