Welcome to Arkansas State University!

  1. How much does an appointment cost? Online Writing Center services are free.
  2. Who can use the Online Writing Center? Any A-State online student can utilize the OWC.
  3. Can I request a particular writing coach? Yes. When you make an appointment, you have the option of choosing a particular writing coach. All tutors are trained to help you with any of your writing needs or concerns, regardless of the kind of paper you’re writing.
  4. Who will have access to the material I submit to the Online Writing Center? Only you and the Online Writing Center staff will have access to your material.
  5. What types of tutoring do you offer? We offer both synchronous and asynchronous appointments.
  6. What kind of papers do OWC tutors help with? Our tutors are trained to assist you with any type of writing: resumes, research papers, literature reviews, lab reports, essays, etc.
  7. Do I need to have a completed draft before I meet with my tutor? No. We help with any and all stages of the writing process.
  8. When will I get my feedback from an asynchronous appointment? Students will receive their feedback at the end of their scheduled appointment hour.
  9. How do I access my feedback? Your writing tutor will send you your feedback directly through email. 
  10. What should I submit with my paper? Please submit any documents that will help your tutor better understand the assignment: assignment prompt, rubric, syllabus, and any outlines or notes you have worked on along with your paper.
  11. What if I don’t understand the writing assignment I need to complete? We are more than happy to help you better understand the assignment. Please submit the assignment sheet or rubric to your tutor, so we can get an insight on what your instructor is asking.
  12. Who should I contact if I have questions or comments about the Online Writing Center? If you have any questions, you can contact the AOS Tutoring Director, Stephanie Stanley, at sdekok@astate.edu.