Welcome to Arkansas State University!


Arkansas State University Online is working to bring you a quality education and academic experience in a way that allows you to fulfill any job or family obligations at the same time.

A-State Online is the online campus of Arkansas State University.  And Arkansas State University is a nationally recognized institution with a vast alumni network.

Academically Rigorous, Accredited Programs

The courses offered online are the same as the courses we offer on campus.  That means completing an online degree earns you the same diploma as the one given to students who completed their degree on campus.  It won’t even say that you completed the degree online.

 A-State is accredited by the regional institutional accreditor, the Higher Learning Commission North Central Association.  Additionally, our individual programs are all accredited.  You can see the list of accreditations here. (Insert link: http://www.astate.edu/info/about-asu/accreditations/)

Career-Enhancing Programs

Choose from more than 25 of the most in-demand programs for degrees and certificates.

A-State ensures that all programs provide students:

  • A curriculum that focuses on their future career based on the latest industry trends
  • Courses will be taught by highly respected and expert faculty members
  • An engaging and diverse network of peers

Online Delivery Experience

Over the years, online education has evolved to include technology-enhanced learning experiences.  With that, A-State is able to provide courses with the experiences of:

  • Best practices in online delivery
  • Faculty experienced in teaching in an online environment
  • Learning outcome focused use of technology over convenience

A Fully Supported Education

An online degree program can seem like it would be completely individual, but at A-State we have faculty and staff ready to help you.  You will be able to talk to academic advisers and help-desk support to encourage your success.