Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Get to know the Course

In the American Culture and Customs Workshop, you will learn more about seven key areas of American
Culture! See the outline below! Please note that the bullet points under the topics are not all that will be
covered, but key items.

Week 1- A-State College Student

  • Academic Terms
  • Self-Service Banner
  • Holds, Registration, and Enrollment

Week 2- U.S. Campus Culture

  • A-State History
  • Culture Shock
  • Getting Involved on Campus

Week 3- Communication with Peers

  • Communication Expectations
  • Informal Communications
  • Scenarios for Communications

Week 4- Professional Student

  • The American Classroom
  • Formal Communication
  • Formal Communication Activities

Week 5- American Professional

  • Legal Employment in the U.S.
  • Career Services Presentation
  • Mock Interview Opportunity

Week 6-Celebrations

  • Celebrations in Students’ Cultures
  • Introduction to U.S. Celebrations
  • Holiday Activities

Week 7- Media in America

  • Media We See
  • Behind the Media
  • Media Open Discussion

Week 8- Safety on Campus

  • Campus Safety
  • Vital Immigration Information
  • Safety Q and A

Week 9- Idioms and Slang

  • Slang (including Southern Slang)
  • Common Idioms
  • Idioms/Slangs Activities