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Environmental Safety & Compliance

Environmental Health & Safety develops and maintains plans to ensure environmental safety and compliance. Our duties include stormwater pollution prevention, oil spill prevention, hazardous waste management and indoor air quality.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality covers a broad range of issues including temperature extremes, stuff air and unpleasant odors.  Learn More >>

Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous waste management covers the management of hazardous chemicals once they are ready to be disposed.  Learn More >>

Spill Prevention

Spill prevention deals with the university's efforts to prevent pollution (oil and other hazardous materials) from entering our waterways.  Learn More >>

Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Along with trying to keep our waterways clean, the university must also make measured efforts to keep pollution from entering stormwater, which will end up in our waterways.  Learn More >