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Division of Biological Systems


Separation within disciplines, just as between them, is a barrier to No-Boundary Thinking. Within the life sciences, research at cell, organism, population, and ecosystem levels and across different temporal scales has often been carried out along separate trajectories. The Division of Biological Systems seeks to overcome boundaries among biological subdisciplines, and between the biological sciences and other disciplines, towards a more holistic understanding of biological complexity in all its dimensions.

Affiliate Faculty

Ahmed Hashem

Assistant Professor

Arkansas State University

Agricultural Systems Technology

Asela Wijeratne

Assistant Professor of Bioinformatics

Arkansas State University

Department of Biological Sciences

Dalmo A. N. Vieira

Physical Scientist

National Sedimentation Laboratory

Agricultural Research Service

Jianfeng (Jay) Xu

Research Professor

Arkansas State University

Plant and Soil Science

Than Boves

Associate Professor of Ecology

Arkansas State University

Department of Biological Sciences