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Family & Visitors

As your student begins a new stage in their life, it is important that you are aware of the services and programs available to assist with their personal, career and professional development. Family members can assist by taking an interest and asking questions about their student's career management process.

How you can help

  • Ensure your student registers with Handshake, an electronic resume and job posting system where they will find work study, part-time on and off campus jobs, and full-time and internship employment.
  • Take an active interest and ask career related questions.
  • Talk about your job and what you like and dislike about your job.
  • Encourage your student to seek summer employment related to their interested career field.
  • Strongly encourage your student to participate in at least one internship, if not more.
  • Always remember it is normal for a student to change their mind about a major or career.
  • Encourage your student to participate in experiential learning opportunities such as: faculty and student research, study abroad, student exchange, and an internship.

Undecided About a Career Field or Changing Majors?

  • If your student is undecided, encourage them to visit Career Services or the Wilson Counseling Center to discuss career plans.
  • Also, visit with Academic Advising to schedule an appointment to speak with an academic advisor about a major.
  • If undecided about a major, visit “What can you do with this major?