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Students Working Out

General Usage

  • Only authorized members, with proper identification and a hand towel are allowed entry into the Red WOLF Center. One must enter and exit through the control desk supervised area.
  • Responsibility for general supervision of the building, gymnasium courts and other activity area rests with the staff members and supervisors directly in charge of the activity or area. Students provide primary supervision for the facility and act with the full authority of a full time Campus Recreation staff member. Harassment or disregard of the directions provided by the staff will result in disciplinary action.
  • Any member attempting to help a non-member access the facility will have their privileges suspended and potentially revoked.
  • When a student attempts to gain entry by use of another student’s ID, the staff member will confiscate the ID being used and attempt to get the name of the student using the ID. The student using the ID will not be allowed entry, and the owner of the ID need to meet with a representative from the Office of Student Conduct.
  • Food and drink are permitted ONLY in designated areas. Chewing gum is not allowed in the center.
  • Use of alcohol, tobacco, or any illegal substance is not permitted.
  • Abusive or profane language is not allowed, and any individual caught using abusive or profane language will be subject to removal from the facility.
  • Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and must remain with their guests at all times.
  • Guests must be at least 17 years old and ID may be required to prove age with driver’s license, etc. The exception is during Family Night when parents may bring their younger children.
  • Campus Recreation is not responsible for the theft of property. Locker rentals are $20 for the semester.
  • Day use lockers are available at no charge. DAY LOCKERS MUST BE CLEARED OUT BY END OF BUSINESS DAY!
  • Athletic attire must be worn at all times. Street shoes are not allowed in the gym.
  • Dress Code Policy of the Red W.O.L.F. Center will be followed: Patrons must weat attire that COVERS their abdomen, chest and gluteal fold. No open toed shoes or sandals.
  • Only Red W.O.L.F. Center employees may operate stereo/video equipment and televisions.
  • All accident/damages should be reported to a staff member immediately.
  • Any personal contract work (Training, Class Instruction, etc) is not allowed in the facility.
  • Sparring, wrestling and other intensive physical contact activities are not allowed in any area of the building.
  • Any individual(s) caught fighting will be expelled from the facility and turned over to Student Conduct.

Gymnasium Rules

  • Participation is at your own risk. Violation of any gymnasium court rules may result in immediate ejection from the facility.
  • No food, drinks or gum are allowed in the gymnasium.
  • No backpacks and personal items in the hallways or activity areas. They must be stored in lockers. Day use lockers can be found in the locker rooms, gym, upstairs lobby, and fitness center.
  • No dunking, hanging on the rim, or slapping the backboard during free play.
  • No spitting or intentionally creating other health hazards.
  • Disassembling or moving equipment that has been set up is not allowed.
  • No street clothes (including jeans) or street shoes (athletic shoes only) are allowed in gym.
  • Cell phones are not allowed to be placed in windows, on bleachers or benches or on the floor.

Weight Training/Cardiovascular Areas

  • Equipment must be wiped down after each use.
  • Use the equipment only for its intended purposes.
  • Do not operate equipment if parts are loose or damaged. Notify staff promptly if you notice any flaws in the equipment.
  • All free weight users should have at least one spotter; desk employees are not responsible to spot you.
  • Participants exercise at their own risk. Campus Recreation is not liable for injuries or accidents.
  • Use of collars is MANDATORY on all free weight equipment.
  • Do NOT drop weights on the floor. If you cannot control the weights, then weight amount needs to be lowered.
  • Children 16 years or younger are not allowed in these spaces at any time.
  • Equipment in any part of the facility must stay where it was originally; do not move equipment around. Return weights to their proper place when finished.
  • All patrons are required to have a towel upon entering these spaces.
  • The use of chalk or any other lifting aid is not permitted in the facility.
  • Power lifting exercises should be designated to the power racks and platforms.

Climbing Wall

  • All Red WOLF Center, Campus Recreation, and Arkansas State University rules and policies are also applicable to the climbing wall.
  • The Campus Recreation reserves the right to deny participation or ask patrons to leave the facility at any time for unsafe or inappropriate behavior, including failure to follow these rules.  Suspension from climbing, building, and/or Campus Recreation programs may occur.
  • Participants using the climbing wall are climbing at their own risk.
  • Climbing Wall patrons must sign a release waiver each year before utilizing Climbing Wall.
  • Climbing Wall is only to be used when Climbing Wall Staff is present during posted hours.
  • All participants are expected to follow all directions by Campus Recreation staff.
  • Instruction is to be given by the Climbing Wall Staff only. Instruction is for indoor climbing use only and should not be substituted for outdoor climbing instruction.
  • Participants must use proper safety equipment per the manufactures instructions when utilizing the climbing wall: Harnesses, shoes, ropes, carabineers, and belay devices are available for use at the wall.
  • Only climbing wall staff and individuals who have passed the belay skills clinic within the last academic year are able to belay participants.
  • Participants must check the climber’s knot, harness and belay system prior to each climb. Figure-eight follow-through is the only tie-in knot allowed.
  • Climbers are not allowed to climb above the top anchors.
  • When bouldering, participant's hands cannot exceed the first row of lead climbing anchors.
  • Do not pass under or over other climbers when bouldering or climbing.
  • Swinging, climbing, and jumping on ropes is prohibited.
  • Loose chalk is not permitted on the wall; participants may have chalk balls in a chalk bag.
  • Do not climbing on red bracing, stairwell, brick wall, and other non-Climbing Wall areas.
  • Grabbing lead climbing anchors during climbing is prohibited.  Lead climbing anchors are for carabiner attachment during lead climbing only.
  • When waiting to climb, remain near the benches or outside the wall area if crowded.
  • No sharing checked out climbing equipment is allowed.
  • Use lockers available inside the Red WOLF Center to store all personal items.  Climber’s pockets must be empty while climbing. No storage of personal items is available in the climbing wall area.  Campus Recreation staff is not responsible for personal property.
  • Appropriate attire is required: closed toe shoes (no sandals, bare feet or socks), shorts/pants, shirt covering the midriff during climbing, and limited jewelry.
  • No cell phone, PDA, MP3 player, or headphones may be used while climbing or belaying. 

Running/Walking Track

  • The track is for runners/walkers only. Spectators must stand or sit on the lower level. Standing on the rail is NOT permitted.
  • Runners should use the inside lanes, and walkers the outside lanes.
  • Only athletic shoes (running/walking) are allowed on the track.
  • Stretching should be done only in specified areas.
  • Backpacks and personal items are not allowed on track.

Photography and Video

The intent of this procedure is to maintain respect for the rights and privacy of our members and guests by preventing video imaging of members and guests without their consent. The following must be completed in order to film or take picture in the Red W.O.L.F. Center:

  • Individuals wishing to take picture or use a video tape recorder in the Red W.O.L.F. Center must have approval by a Campus Recreation Coordinator.
  • Permission will be granted for video/audio taping of the general facility only; no university logo may be included in any picture/footage.
  • Members and/or guests involved in individual workouts such as weight lifting, aerobic exercise/dance, cardiovascular cannot be videotaped except as they appear in the background of a facility area. No member may be singled out for video tape purposes without their consent.
  • Complaints from members regarding any aspect related to the production of video tape in the Red W.O.L.F. Center will result in termination of the video tape process and forfeiture of the actual film.
  • The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right to have this videotape removed from all viewing formats should a representative of Campus Recreation determine that the standards of this agreement have not been met.

Lost or Stolen Items

Red W.O.L.F. Center Staff members are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property. All lost and found items are to be turned in to the Service Assistant at the front desk of the Red W.O.L.F. Center. After seven (7) days if an item is not claimed it will be sent to a local charity. If items are stolen or missing, call UPD at 870-972-2093.

Court Reservation Procedure

Each Registered Student Organization in good standing with the University is allowed to reserve one (1) court per year for up to two (2) hours for any activity that would normally occur on that court for no fee. The reservation must be for after 6pm on a Friday or Saturday night. The reservation must be requested a minimum of five (5) business days prior to the reservation. During this time, all regular facility rules will be in effect and all non-student guests will be required to pay the regular guest fee. Due to space limitations there will be a maximum of one (1) reservation per night. Please see Pam Fletcher for more details or to make a reservation.

Non-Traditional Student Programs

ASU students can bring their spouse and children free into the facility during Family Nights – Saturdays and Sundays - during all open hours. Children are NOT ALLOWED in the facility any other time.