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Eligibility Requirements

All team captains are responsible for verifying the complete eligibility of their own players prior to their participation.

1. Participation Regulations

Participation is opened to all currently enrolled students, both undergraduate and graduate, who are enrolled for three (3) or more hours of resident schoolwork on the Jonesboro campus. All faculty/staff members are also eligible for participation. Students who enroll for the current semester and then drop their courses are no longer considered eligible. Intramural Sports reserves the right to check with the Registrar’s Office to confirm participants status.

2. Identification Procedures

A valid & complete ASU ID card must be presented to be eligible to participate. Any ASU ID’s that are broken in half with NO picture on it will not be accepted. No ID, no play. No exceptions.

This is an often-asked question during the early part of the activity season. The answer is quite simple. During any and all transactions with the university your Student ID officially recognizes you. This is what defines your status as a member of the student body or the campus community. The Department of Campus Recreation & Intramural Sports wants to provide the very best services to "OUR" participants. If outside people participate in the program they are putting participants and the university at risk.

The other reason is, if an outside person were allowed to participate, these ineligible individuals would be, in essence, taking the opportunity to participate away from an eligible participant who we are here to serve. Before each game players must present their ASU ID so that they may be signed in on the score sheet.

3. Gender

Men must compete in the Men's division, and women must compete in the Women's division. (Exception: if there is not a division offered for that gender AND with permission from the Coordinator of Intramural Sports.)

4. Waivers

Any player being added to an event roster must sign a waiver. These waivers are attached to the event forms themselves.

5. Roster Additions

Each participant must be listed on the Entry Form and Roster on file in the Intramural Sports Office for the team(s) he/she represents. Any roster additions can be made prior to participation on the field of play or in the intramural office. The deadline for adding players to a team's roster is the last game day of the team's pool play game. To be added that player must present a valid ASU ID at the actual game site, even if the game is defaulted or forfeited.

6. One Team Rule

A participant may play on a maximum of one Men's/Women's team and one Co-Rec team in each event. The first team that the participant has turned in an ASU ID for is the team that the participant is considered to be on. In short, if you don’t want to be on a team, then don’t turn in your ASU ID! Any subsequent participation on another team constitutes the use of an ineligible player. No player may be dropped from one roster to be added to another team's roster after having played a scheduled game in which the participant's name appears on the score sheet. In the event a player's team is dropped from competition without having played a game, he/she can appeal to the Coordinator of Intramural Sports to be placed on another team.

7. Ineligible Player Concerns

Falsification of names on a score sheet will cause a team to be subject to suspension from further participation in that event. Teams may not play ineligible players even by mutual agreement of both teams. During the tournament, the last contest in which an ineligible player participated shall be recorded as a forfeit win for the opposing team. No reorganization of tournaments shall occur. The penalty for use of an ineligible player or a team playing a person under an assumed name shall be: a) the team shall forfeit all games in that sport in which the ineligible player competed. In the event that a player participates for more than one men's/women's team, the second team for which the ineligible player participated shall forfeit all games in which the ineligible player competed. Any team which knowingly uses an ineligible player or plays a person under an assumed name may be denied participation in that sport for the remainder of the season. b) The offending player shall be suspended from further intramural participation in that event and possibly from participation for the remainder of the semester and/or academic year.

8. Intercollegiate Athletes

Any individual who participates in a varsity or junior varsity sport at the intercollegiate level is ineligible to participate in that intramural event or related event during the same academic year. Application of this rule applies to red shirt, walk-ons, transfer, and junior college athletes from any 2-year or 4-year institution. A participant who meets any of the following criteria is considered ineligible: a) Name appears on an official varsity or JV roster during the academic year b) Participates (including scheduled team practices and/or workouts) in a varsity or JV sport for a period of more than one month c) Has competed in an intercollegiate contest

Any person who is dropped or has retired from an intercollegiate team other than for reasons of being red-shirted or scholastic ineligibility may become eligible for intramural participation only by petitioning to the Coordinator of Intramural Sports.

Any former member of an intercollegiate team will be able to participate in that sport or related sport the academic year after they have finished their last semester as a collegiate athlete.

9. Sport Club Participants

Each team may include players on its roster who are members of an ASU sport club team in that intramural sport or related sport. The maximum amount of club players allowed on an intramural team will be indicated in that sports rules. A participant is considered a current member of a sport club for the entire academic year in which he/she participates with that sport club. Sport club members are participants who meet the following criteria: a) Have participated in scheduled practices and/or extramural games/matches with the club team b) Have paid membership dues to the club c) Are listed on the sport club roster d) Are recognized by the club president as a team member for valid reasons other than those listed above.

10. Olympic or Current Professional Athletes

Olympic or current professional athletes are ineligible to participate in any related sport in the intramural program for a period of five (5) years following the completion of their professional career. For intramural purposes, a professional athlete is defined as an individual who has signed a contract and/or receives compensation for playing a particular sport.

Related Sports Include:

Varsity /Club Sport/ Intramural Sport

Baseball: Softball, Wiffleball

Softball: Softball, Wiffleball

Basketball: Basketball, 3-on-3 Basketball, Fall Classic

Bowling: Bowling

Football: Flag Football, Arena Flag Football

Golf: Golf

Soccer: Outdoor Soccer, Indoor Soccer

Tennis: Tennis

Volleyball: 6v6 Volleyball, 4v4 Volleyball, Sand Volleyball