Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Close up shot of a u-lock on a bicycle

Dear A-State Riders:

Students have reported an uptick in thefts of bicycles from outdoor racks on campus.  University Police is aware, but needs your help to prevent on-campus bike thefts.

First: Know Your Bike.

Take a moment to write down the make, model and serial number of your bicycle.  Many serial numbers are located under the bottom bracket (where the pedals connect to the frame).  Newer bicycles may have a barcode sticker with these details – take a photo and keep it handy.  Having this information is essential to you recovering a stolen bike.

Second: Register Your Bike.

UPD encourages all on-campus residents to register bikes – and other valuables you have on campus – through their Property Registration system.  Not only is this a great place to store your bicycle’s key information (or scooter, or Xbox/PlayStation, or laptop) in case of loss, it helps UPD return found objects on campus.  Click here to register your valuables with UPD.


Third: Protect Your Bike.

Locking your bike to an outdoor rack is essential.  Please do not lock to hand railings – especially on wheelchair ramps -- as this interferes with individuals with disabilities.  Lock it through the frame and wheels to a secure space.  Recently, thieves have been seen on camera using bolt cutters to cut simple cable locks or non-hardened steel chain locks.  A heavy duty “U-lock” is more theft resistant, but again, only if properly secured to a rack.  If your bike has quick release wheels or seats, you might consider taking the front wheel or seat post inside to discourage ride-off thieves, especially if you are storing your bicycle overnight or longer.

To learn more about types of bike locks and how to use them, check out this video that goes through all the basic types. 


Four: Keep Eyes on Bikes

Several students have had bikes stolen this fall.  When you are out, particularly evenings and weekends, keep an eye out for individuals who may be testing locks or cutting them.  Remember, a thief is looking for time and privacy to defeat a lock.  If you see suspicious activity around bike racks, call UPD at 870-972-2093.

For additional questions regarding campus safety, contact the University Police Department at 870-972-2093 or safe@astate.edu