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Program Services:

  • Provides services to supplement (not duplicate) veterans' eligible government benefits
  • Fills in services gaps where they exist

beck services

Education Assistance

GED, attending Arkansas State University, vocational/technical schools, financial aid programs and scholarship opportunities, career advising, career testing, disability accommodation services on campus, tutoring and mentoring resources and more

Personal Rehabilitation Services

Speech-language therapy programs and physical therapy

Mental Health Services

Individual, family and group counseling services, support groups, substance abuse treatment resources and more.

Combat Veteran Support Group
    • Provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs VET Center
    • Phone: 901-544-0137

Social Services

Resource information about community services, veteran's benefits, employment services, housing referral assistance and more

Mentoring, Socialization & More

Your6-Helping veterans become the best professional versions of themselves

We want to help veterans get the best possible jobs in the industry.  Your6 automates the profiling of a veteran's experience and drastically improves the quality of the description and qualifications for civilian jobs so that the most qualified veterans get matched with the best employers and careers.

Your6 believes that one of the most exploitable niches in the recruiting software market is a veterans career management solution to help meet the current 3.2 million veterans find the right jobs and the projected 20 million new veterans transition from military service to civilian careers.  They have unique challenges with few software solutions dedicated to serving their needs and most fail to satisfactorily address these highly specialized requirements.  Employers who actively seek to hire veterans require a specific recruitment solution to improve and effectively manage their initiatives to identify and recruit veterans.

Effective career management and recruiting strategies are a business imperative because:

 -  Veteran unemployment rates are 2X the national average  

 -   Disabled veterans are unfairly discriminated against by potential employers because of misunderstandings about their capabilities

 -    Veterans face unique hurdles to translate their highly valued skills to civilian career assets

 -    Many employers are unable to take advantage of the $9K Federal Tax Credit because they cannot find enough qualified veterans to fill jobs

 -    Employers in the Healthcare, Public Sector, and IT/Technology Sectors have significant job openings that veterans are highly qualified to fill

      The key market drivers are:

 -     Currently there are 21 million veterans

 -     This includes 3.2 million Gulf War Era II veterans with an unemployment rate of 7.2%

 -     Veterans in the transitional period from military service to finding a civilian workforce job have the highest level of unemployment

 -     The unemployment rate for disabled veterans in 29%

 -     There are a projected 20 million NEW Gulf War Era veterans entering the workforce in the next 6 years

 -      Minority veterans will increase by the largest percent-women almost doubling and minorities tripling in the next ten years