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Program-Level Assessment Committee (PAC)

Purpose Statement

Program-Assessment Committee (PAC)

The Program-Assessment Committee (PAC) at Arkansas State University is charged with the primary responsibility of planning, advising, and directing program-level assessment. The purpose of the PAC is as follows:

  •    Review submitted assessment plans and reports and recommend revisions as appropriate
  •    Verify that assessment results have been used for programmatic improvements (close the loop)
  •    Facilitate the Assessment Grant
  •    Facilitate Learn@Astate
  •    Discuss assessment processes and make recommendations that would improve student learning assessment
  •    Communicate with AAC, Office of Assessment, and Academic Affairs on all matters related to program-level assessment

PAC Members


  • Dr. Kevin Humphrey
  • Dr. Cesar Iriarte
  • Mr. Jason Stewart
  • Dr. Melodie Philhours
  • Dr. Jessica Curtis
  • Dr. Kimberley Davis
  • Dr. Marika Kyriakos
  • Ms. Shelley Gipson
  • Dr. Dinnah Tetteh
  • Dr. David Harding
  • Dr. Stacy Walz
  • Ms. Addie Fleming
  • Dr. Martin Huss
  • Ms. Nikesha Nesbitt
  • Mr. John Williams
  • Dr. Summer DeProw
  • Mr. Kevin Hennings
  • Ms. Mary Elizabeth Spence