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A-State Assessment Committee

Purpose Statement

A-State Assessment Committee

The A-State Assessment Committee (AAC) at Arkansas State University (A-State) is charged with the primary responsibility of planning and directing assessment at the university level.  The purpose of the AAC is as follows:

  • Reviewing the university learning outcomes and recommending revisions when needed
  • Developing an assessment process for the university learning outcomes
  • Recommending the development, acquisition, and use of attitudinal and other types of surveys/questionnaires as institutional assessment instruments
  • Providing leadership for the development and implementation of campus-wide institutional assessment procedures
  • Establishing and monitoring the University's annual assessment calendar
  • Evaluating the institutional assessment procedures and making recommendations to the University's executive leadership (Chancellor, Provost, VC Student Affairs, VC Finance, etc.)
  • Recommending channels and the types of information that can be routinely communicated campus-wide and to the external constituencies/stakeholders
  • Coordination of all assessment committees on campus--the Program-level Assessment Committee, General Education Committee, and Co-Curricular Assessment Committee
  • Utilizes the A-State shared governance oversight process when appropriate for issues related to campus-wide assessment issues and/or procedures

Membership will consist of the following individuals and representatives:

  • Elected representative/s from the Program Assessment Committee
  • Elected representative/s from the Co-Curricular Assessment Committee
  • Elected representative General Education Committee
  • Elected representative Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
  • Elected representative Graduate Council
  • Undergraduate student who is appointed from Student Government Association
  • Graduate student who is appointed from the Graduate Student Council
  • Director of Assessment and the Office of Assessment team
  • Representative from Academic Affairs

AAC Members


  • Sara Saucedo
  • Alejandra Morales
  • Kim Pittcock
  • Mark Foster
  • Melodie Philhours
  • Kimberley Davis
  • Lillie Fears
  • Joshua Smith
  • Tiffany Johnson
  • Cherisse Jones-Branch
  • Karen Yanowitz
  • Wayne Wilkinson
  • Summer DeProw
  • Kevin Hennings
  • Mary Elizabeth Spence