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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a Torchbearer?

A Torchbearer is a current or retired ASU faculty or staff member who donates to the ASU Foundation, Inc. Gifts may be made by check, credit card or payroll deduction.

What is the ASU Foundation, Inc.?

The Arkansas State University Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit corporation chartered by the state of Arkansas in 1977 to operate for the benefit of the Arkansas State University system. Its primary purpose is to receive, solicit, accept, hold and administer private gifts in support of educational programs associated with Arkansas State University.

When is the Torchbearer campaign?

The active portion of the campaign is held annually in September and October, with a celebration reception in late October or early November, but membership is conferred throughout the academic/fiscal year.

Where can I sign up?

You may join by copying a pledge card you can access by clicking here. Print, complete and sign the pledge, and return it to the Director of Annual Giving at the Cooper Alumni Center.

How many Torchbearers are there on campus?

Arkansas State University averages between 680 and 730 Torchbearers each year, almost 50 percent of all full-time faculty and staff.

Are there benefits to being a Torchbearer?

Torchbearers receive a thank-you gift for annual donations of $50 or more, and are invited to the Torchbearer reception. The most rewarding benefit is the knowledge that you are contributing to the development of academic programs, scholarships and services at Arkansas State.

How much of my gift is used to pay for thank-you gifts, prizes and the Torchbearer reception?

None. The thank-you gifts and the Torchbearer reception are paid from Annual Giving's budget. Prizes are donated by area businesses. One hundred percent of your donation goes to your designated fund.

Who decides where my money is applied?

You, the donor, are the only person who can choose your designation, and we must have your choice in writing, on a pledge card or in the text of an email. There is not a "Torchbearer Fund" where all gifts are placed. Records are carefully checked each year to ensure your designation is honored.

Is there a list of funds I can choose from for my gift designation?

Any college or department, privately funded scholarship, or university program may be designated. Some popular choices include Santa's Wolves, the Dean B. Ellis Library, KASU, the ASU Museum, the Staff Senate Educational Stipend Fund, and the Facilities Management fund. 

Does Red Wolves Foundation membership qualify me as a Torchbearer?

No, but we are glad you support ASU athletics! Only gifts to academic programs, like those you may access above, will qualify you for membership.

Does my Santa's Wolves donation qualify me as a Torchbearer?

Yes. Santa's Wolves is a fund within the ASU Foundation; therefore, your gifts to Santa's Wolves are included in the Torchbearer program.

What is a continuous Torchbearer?

A continuous Torchbearer gives year-round by payroll deduction. To receive the thank-you gift, a minimum of $2.08 per pay period is required. A gift of $2.78  or more per pay period is required for nine month contract employees. Continuous Torchbearers receive their thank-you gift before new members or renewing members, and never have to worry about renewing their pledge.

What if I have questions about my payroll deduction?

You may contact Annual Giving when you have any questions. If you wish to change your gift amount or designation, or if you need to stop your deductions, you may contact Tara Thomason at tthomason@astate.edu or 972-2718. Our auditors require written notice for any changes.