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Provost's Inclement Weather Policy

During periods of inclement weather, the Office of the Provost at Arkansas State University asks the A-State community to be flexible and responsible regarding classes and assignments.

In the Event the University remains open

All classes will continue as scheduled.

Online Instruction and Power or Connectivity Issues

In the event of power or connectivity issues, faculty should be prepared to allow extra time as necessary for online coursework.

Commuter Students

Commuter students are encouraged to use good judgment in deciding whether to drive to campus during inclement weather. Student safety is important to A-State, but we cannot account for the local circumstances of every student when a decision to open or close the university is made.

Student Communication Responsibility

When the decision is made not to travel to campus under this policy, it is the responsibility of the student to immediately contact each professor upon return to explain the circumstances and to determine the need to complete any missed assignments.

Missed Assignments and Coursework

Students who are not able to safely travel to campus are responsible for all missed assignments during inclement weather within a time frame to be determined by the professor. When notified by a student that they are unable to safely commute, professors are asked to honor the absence as excused and not impose any attendance penalty.

Faculty Cancellation

If a faculty member cannot travel and cannot conduct class, they should alert their chair/dean as soon as possible and notify students of changes.

In the Event the University is Closed

Face-to-Face Courses

When the university is closed due to inclement weather, all face-to-face classes are cancelled.

To remain in compliance with U.S. Department of Education, Higher Learning Commission, and Arkansas Division of Higher Education course modality definitions, faculty cannot change the modality of their face-to-face classes to online delivery due to inclement weather. Only classes originally designated for online modality can continue during inclement weather closures.

Online Instruction

During times of university closure, online courses continue as usual. In the event of power or connectivity issues, faculty should be prepared to allow extra time as necessary for online coursework.

In the Event the University Opens Late and or Closes Early

As a reminder to faculty and students, on days with delayed opening, “all academic classes regularly scheduled to begin prior to the delayed opening time will be cancelled and will not meet”. Similarly, on days with early dismissal, “the University will cease all academic classes and regular business operations at a publicly announced time. In such an event, all remaining day and evening classes will be cancelled after a specified time.”

Inclement Weather Related Announcements and Updates

Regarding inclement weather alerts, Arkansas State reminds all students that official announcements will be made only through official university communications. The official university homepage, AState.edu, is supplemented by the verified university social media accounts -- on Facebook (Facebook.com/ArkansasState) and X (formerlyTwitter) (@ArkansasState).

Email communication for emergency and weather alerts is provided to the official AState.edu issued faculty and staff or student accounts. Individuals who have signed up for text alerts will also receive notices of opening and closures.

Updated January 19, 2024