Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Why Support Competitive Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunities?

  • Open doors for your students to go on to success after A-State
  • Give your students valuable educational experiences beyond the classroom
  • Get the work of your students out for the world to see and benefit from
  • Support research by helping students apply for their own grant funding

Would you like to refer a student? Want to schedule a fellowships presentation for your classes or faculty meetings? Please Contact Us!

Identifying Potential Student Applicants

We want to help A-State students get these opportunities!

How faculty can help:
  • Encourage your students to think about research and travel
  • Let students know these fellowship opportunities exist
  • Identify potential scholarship candidates early
  • Get those students on the path to a successful application
  • Mentor and recommend your students
  • Be willing to review your students’ grant purpose essays
Please keep your eyes open for ideal candidates - students with any of these characteristics:
  • High GPA and rigorous coursework
  • Passion and commitment
  • Well-defined goals
  • Research experience
  • Interest in travel
  • Foreign language skills
  • Leadership skills and community service

Writing a Great Letter of Recommendation