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Eclipse Time-lapse of Arkansas Bioscience Institute at Arkansas State University


Just in time for the total solar eclipse next April, Arkansas State University is announcing the installation of the Voyage Model Solar System on the campus.


Voyage is funded by the Arkansas Biosciences Institute (ABI), in partnership with Arkansas State University Museum.

“The awe-inspiring exhibition will take visitors on an interplanetary journey through an incredibly detailed model of our solar system, offering a captivating glimpse into the wonders of space,” according to R. Shea Harris, outreach coordinator for ABI. “The exhibit supports ABI and A-State’s expanding role with space science research and educational opportunities such as the recent NASA WORMS (Waxworm Organic Recycling Management System) project."

Located along the green space running south to north through campus – roughly following the former site of Caraway Road – Voyage is an accurate model of the solar system at one 10-billionth actual size.

The entire route extends 2,000 feet – a comfortable 10-minute walk – from Bookout Plaza near the ABI building to the Donald W. Reynolds Center for Health Sciences, across from the North Parking Deck.

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Come take a look at the world of Biotechnology

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School Group Tours

Biotechnology is now impacting everything from the medicines we use to the food we eat. We would like to invite you and your school groups to visit our newest science facility on the A-State campus and learn about some of the exciting new discoveries in the area of biotechnology that are going on right here at the Arkansas Biosciences Institute-A-State!

This is a two part science module geared towards middle and high school-aged students. This experience is intended to give your students an opportunity to see the workings of an active, high tech, research facility and to learn with a hands-on demo how scientists get DNA out of food we eat!

This is an 1 1/2 hour tour where your students (maximum of 30) will be divided into two small groups for a tour and science demo.

Part 1

The tour of our new, state-of-the-art Arkansas Biosciences Institute at A-State will expose your students to biotechnology research focused at the interface of agriculture, medicine and health. Your students will get a guided tour of the ABI that will include a birds-eye view of our transgenic plant facility and several of our laboratories as well as an overview of the on-going research at the ABI that is dedicated to improving the lives and health of all Arkansans.

Part 2

A hands-on-demonstration will introduce your students to some very basic molecular biology principles scientists use to extract DNA out of strawberries. This is an opportunity to take a fun exercise and give the students a practical application that integrates concepts from chemistry, biology and mathematics to pull DNA out of some common food that we eat.

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For more information about Arkansas Biosciences Institute's Outreach Program:

Mr. R. Shea Harris
Outreach Coordinator
Arkansas Biosciences Institute
Arkansas State University
504 University Loop
Jonesboro, AR 72401