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  • Emma Martin (left), Dr. Jennifer Bouldin (middle), Amber Spence (right)
    Create @ State Podcast Logo
    Create @ State Logo
    COSM Research Spotlight
    Water Conservation

    Dr. Bouldin, graduate students Emma Martin and Amber Spence discuss their research on the Create@State Podcast.

  • Dr. Argelia Lorence
    Prototype Greenhouse
    Wheat and Rice Center for Heat Resilience Logo
    COSM Research Spotlight
    Rice Study

    Dr. Lorence is teaming up with two other universities to build greenhouse tents in Harrisburg, Arkansas.

  • Dr. Rolland (left) and Dr. McKay (right)
    COSM Faculty Spotlight
    McKay and Team Conduct Grain Storage Research

    Dr. McKay and Dr. Rolland co-authored an article in Journal of Stored Products Research. First author is Rachel Hampton, who worked in McKay's lab and completed a master's degree.

  • Create @ State
    Create @ State
    Save the Date

    The ninth annual Create @ State: A Symposium of Research, Scholarship & Creativity will be held on Monday, April 15 through Wednesday, April 17, 2019, in the Fowler Center & the Student Union.

College of
Sciences & Mathematics

The faculty in the College of Sciences & Mathematics come from many programs, many universities, and many disciplines, but we all share a common experience, the one that you are now seeking, and want to share that experience with you.

The element of experience

Studying here is more than sitting in a classroom listening to lectures. It is the immersion in a research environment that is purposefully welcoming to students. Our diverse experiences and expertise contribute to a quality educational environment that emphasizes learning through integration of theory with practical laboratory and field studies. Our programs offer you the opportunity to work on projects that provide valuable insight and impact people’s lives.

We invite you to explore the ways in which the College of Sciences & Mathematics can be part of preparing you for it. We know it’s an important decision you’re making and we stand ready to help you take this first step towards success.

Accredited by ACS

The College of Sciences & Mathematics is proud to be accredited by a number of prestigious organizations, including the American Chemical Society.

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Visitor Parking for Our College

The most convenient visitor parking for the College of Sciences and Mathematics is located behind the College of Fine Arts, off of Quapaw St., or at the Dean B. Ellis Library. 

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