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  • Dr. Argelia Lorence
    Prototype Greenhouse
    Wheat and Rice Center for Heat Resilience Logo
    COSM Research Spotlight
    Rice Study

    Dr. Lorence is teaming up with two other universities to build greenhouse tents in Harrisburg, Arkansas.

  • Dr. Rolland (left) and Dr. McKay (right)
    COSM Faculty Spotlight
    McKay and Team Conduct Grain Storage Research

    Dr. McKay and Dr. Rolland co-authored an article in Journal of Stored Products Research. First author is Rachel Hampton, who worked in McKay's lab and completed a master's degree.

  • Create @ State
    Create @ State
    Save the Date

    The ninth annual Create @ State: A Symposium of Research, Scholarship & Creativity will be held on Monday, April 15 through Wednesday, April 17, 2019, in the Fowler Center & the Student Union.

  • Plant Summit 2019
    CoSM Faculty Spotlight
    Plant Summit 2019

    Dr. Lorence was selected to participate at the Plant Summit 2019. A four day retreat at the Biosphere 2 in Oracle, AZ. At the Summit 52 scientists including Lorence discussed the vision for US plant science research for the next decade.

  • Anahita Izadyar
    COSM Faculty Spotlight
    Congratulations, Dr. Izadyar

    Who has been recognized by Elsevier for her professional reviews contributed to its publications. She received outstanding reviewer certification from three Elsevier journals, Electrochimica Acta, Electroanalytical Chemistry and Bioelectrochemistry.

  • Paul Sikkel
    COSM Faculty Spotlight
    Oecologia Article Published

    Dr. Sikkel is a co-author of an article published by Oecologia in its highlighted student research paper section. One of his former students at A-State, Joseph Sellers, is lead author of the study into the levels of infestation by gnathiid isopods.

  • Virginie Rolland
    CoSM Faculty Spotlight
    Climate Change

    Dr. Rolland was interviewed by The Atlantic for an article about a study on climate change and city climate pairings. She referred to her own research on eastern bluebirds, whose migration patterns are already impacted by environmental changes.

  • Dr. Speights at the 2020 White Coat Ceremony
    NYIT @ A-State
    Training docs just part of job

    A-State's osteopaths aiming to make communities healthier

  • The Green Tree Frog
    Creature Feature
    A-State Wildlife Program Presents

    Here in Arkansas, you may have seen Green Tree Frogs clinging to windows on well-lit buildings by their large, sticky toe pads. Join Jessica and Cole Harken as they present 'Hyla cinerea: The Green Tree Frog'.