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The Professional Education Programs office has seven scholarships to share with you. These scholarships provide students with avenues to pursue financial assistance while pursuing a degree in teacher education. Of the scholarships listed, an individual in the Professional Education Programs office is either the designated contact person for the scholarship or will provide assistance by signing as the professional licensure officer (teacher certifying official). The eligibility requirements for each scholarship is listed and we invite you to apply for the scholarships upon meeting the requirements.

Lillian Barton Memorial Scholarship (application; rater form)

Mary L. Swan Memorial Scholarship (application: (high school senior) (college undergraduate))

Lloyd L. and June S. Goff Scholarship (application; rater form)

Sibylla and Kenneth Peters Undergraduate Scholarship (undergraduate application)

Sibylla and Kenneth Peters Graduate Scholarship (graduate application)

Shannon Wright and Lynette Thetford Scholarship (application)