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Student Life

Your college experience will be one of the most inspiring, engaging and rewarding times of your life. A-State facilitates a wide array of campus involvement opportunities through Leadership Center, Multicultural Center and International Programs such as Leadership programs, various Student Organizations, Volunteer A-State, Minority Welcome week, Hispanic Heritage month, International Education Week etc. We encourage you to get INVOLVED and add to your learning experience.

Leadership Center
Multicultural Center
Volunteer A-State

International Student Organization

Bangladeshi Student Organization

Contact: Khairul Islam  / Advisor: Dr. Zahid Hossain

Purpose: to unite all students form Bangladesh and of Bangladeshi origin at A-State and promote friendship and understanding among the students and community members, to keep the culture and arts of Bangladesh alive in our heart organizing various events, and to extend all possible assistance to the prospective Bangladeshi students coming to the university.

Chinese Student Organization (CSO)

Contact:Yixiang Chen  / Advisor: Xiankui Hu

Purpose: To serve Chinese students, exists to help them better adapt to life at A-State. Also, to help carry forward the Chinese culture to American students and any people who want to know more about China.

Indian Student Organization (ISO)

Contact: Kameswari Bruhadeeswar / Advisor: Pradeep Mishra

Purpose: Educating students on Indian culture and educating Indian students on American culture.

International Student Association (ISA)

Contact: Erin Howard  / Advisor: Jeff Chandler

Purpose: To support international students and promote cultural awareness.

Japanese Student Organization (JSO)

Contact: Misato Tsuruta  / Advisor: Hidoya Koizomi 

Purpose: Cross-cultural activities to provide all students opportunities to experience Japanese culture and language.

Korean Student Association

Contact:  Yeon Jae Lee / Advisor:  Kawangok Song

Purpose: To bring together Korean students on campus and welcomes any students who are interested in Korean culture and language.


Contact: Sajani Thapa  / Advisor: Dr. Manu Bhandari

Purpose: To establish better relationships among Nepalese and other students at A-State and at the same time promote the Nepalese culture and traditions.

Saudi Student Club

Contact: Abdullah Asmael / Advisor: Hashim Ali

Purpose: To support Saudi students at A-State and organize Saudi cultural events.

Academic Life

Maintaining good academic standing for international students is important not only for the academic success but also to maintain immigration status in United States. Failure to maintain good academic standing could jeopardize student’s immigration status.

Faculties and Staff at A-state are committed to assist students succeed in their academic journey. Need additional guidance to succeed, contact:

Academic Departments: Faculties and Staff at your major department will have resources to assist you.

The English Learning Academy: Need additional free help with writing, listening and speaking skills, contact our ESL program.