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Registered Student Organizations

A Path Appears

Contact:  / Advisor: Dr. Catherine Reese

Purpose: Transforming Lives, Creating Opportunities: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide 

Accounting Club 

Contact: Breanna Keith / Advisor:   Brian Laird

Purpose: To promote accounting as an occupation

Ad Club 

Contact: Reba DeVore / Advisor:   Manu Bhandari

Purpose: To provide and promote a better understanding of the functions of advertising and its values; to stimulate and encourage advertising professionalism; to apply the skills, creativity, and energy of advertising to help solve social problems; to develop the individual abilities of its members; and to promote fellowship and free exchange of ideas

Association of Black Journalists (ASABJ) 

Contact: Arnelle Jones / Advisor:   Sandra Combs

Purpose: To educate its members and the University community about issues in the journalism industry

Athletic Training Club 2016-2017

Contact: Daniel Massirer / Advisor: Dr. Amanda Wheeler

Purpose: To achieve interest in Athletic Training profession at Arkansas State University

After Dark 2016-2017

Contact: Rebecca Tinsley/ Advisor: 

Purpose: Works with Kanakuk kamps to support their ministry and bring concert/speaker events to campus 

AgriBusiness Club  2016-2017

Contact: Samuel King  / Advisor: Dr. Bert Greenwalt 

Alpha Gamma Delta 2016-2017

Contact: Claire Brantley / Advisor: Jessica Baker

Purpose: To impact and enrich our communities by providing essential support for education, philanthropy and leadership.

Alpha Gamma Rho 2016-2017

Contact: Landon Hearnes/ Advisor: Josh Rupard

Purpose: National Agriculture Fraternity with a focus on making better men.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 2016-2017

Contact: Cimone Hamiter / Advisor: Leticia Fox

Purpose: Since its founding over a century ago, Alpha Kappa Alpha’s mission has been to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to promote unity and friendship among college women, to study and help alleviate problems concerning girls and women in order to improve their social stature, to maintain a progressive interest in college life, and to be of “Service to All Mankind.”

Alpha Kappa Delta National Honor Society for Sociology 2016-2017

Contact: Kelly Mendes  / Advisor:  Dr. Todd Fuist 

Purpose: to Promote scholarship, foster achievements within the college arena, and increase awareness in the criminology, sociology, and geography disciplines.

Alpha Omicron Pi 2016-2017

Contact: Rikki Rogers Advisor: Greye Winningham

Purpose: "Women Enriched through Lifelong Friendship"

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. 2016-2017

Contact:Jarrad Wooten / Advisor: Jerrod Lockhart

Purpose: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity develops leaders, promotes brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities.

Alpha Phi Sigma (APS)

Contact:  / Advisor: 

Purpose: The mission of Alpha Phi Sigma is to promote analytical thinking, rigorous scholarship, and lifelong learning; to keep abreast of the advances in scientific research; to elevate the ethical standards of the criminal justice professions and to sustain in the public mind the benefit and necessity of education and professional training.

Alpha Tau Alpha (ATA) 2016-2017

Contact: William Wiggins  / Advisor: Dave Agnew 

Purpose: Professional Honorary Organization for Agricultural Education Majors 

Alpha Tau Omega 2016-2017

Contact: Daniel Massirer / Advisor: Thomas Wharton

Purpose: To bind men together in a brotherhood based upon eternal and immutable principles, with a bond as strong as right itself and as lasting as humanity; to know no North, no South, no East, no West, but to know man as man, to teach that true men the world over should stand together and contend for supremacy of good over evil; to teach, not politics, but morals; to foster, not partisanship, but the recognition of true merit wherever found; to have no narrower limits within which to work together for the elevation of man than the outlines of the world: these were the thoughts and hopes uppermost in the minds of the founders of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity.

American Chemical Society 2016-2017

Contact: Michael Henning Advisor: Dr. Hashim Ali

Purpose: To bring together students who have an interest in chemistry, and to perform campus and local outreach. 

American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA) 

Contact: Austin Sandy / Advisor: Nicole Arnell

Purpose: AIGA is an important club for anyone majoring in graphic design. We design for other clubs and raise money for design conferences. 

American Sign Language Organization 2016-2017 

Contact: Alexandria Jarrett / Advisor: Nelvia Agnew

Purpose: This organization is for students who show  an interest in American Sign Language (ASL). It's for students to gather and practice ASL, raising awareness of the Deaf Community, and to enjoy this usually silent social activity. We encourage anyone with or without experience to join in.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 

Contact: Robert Darrington / Advisor: Jason Stewart

Purpose: ACE stands at the forefront of a profession that plans, designs, constructs and operates society's economic and social engine while protecting and restoring the natural environment.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Contact:  / Advisor: 

Purpose: Promotes the art, science, and practice of multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences around the globe.

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 2016-2017

Contact: Emin Afandiyev / Advisor: Dr. Kwangkook Jeong

Purpose: Developing the skills and the contacts needed to be excellent in the Engineering field.

Anime Club 2016-2017

Contact: Cameron Mcneil / Advisor: Dr. Robert Lamm

Purpose: To further appreciation of Japanese culture through the viewing of animation.

Apostolic Student Organization (ASO) 2016-2017

Contact: Drew Hancock  Savannah Hancock   / Advisor: pending

Purpose: Students who are searching for the will of God on our campus with the goal of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the love of our Savior.

Arkansas Black Business Consortium, A-State 2016-2017

Contact: Adam Hoy   / Advisor: Clem William Campbell

Purpose: to encourage members and students to use their financial resources for maximum benefit for themselves, family members, local community, and America as a whole.

Arkansas Children's Hospital Champions for Children   2016-2017

Contact: Austin Slater   / Advisor: Jade Collins

Purpose: to raise funs for Arkansas Children's Hospital and create post-graduate opportunities for students.

Arkansas Choral Directors Association - Alfred J. Skoog Memorial Student Chapter (ACDA) 

Contact: Loren Snook / Advisor: Dale Miller

Purpose: To provide future music teachers with resources, skills, and activity opportunities that will enhance and supplement their musical abilities and teaching careers.

Arkansas State University Bass Fishing Team 2016-2017

Contact: Landon Furnish / Advisor: C.R. Shumway

Purpose: competing in FLW collegiate bass fishing tournaments

Arkansas State University College Bowl Team 2016-2017

Contact: Thomas Hamaker / Advisor: J. Justin Castro

Purpose: to assemble and prepare a team that will compete in intercollegiate College Bowl events.

Arkansas State University  IEEE Student Branch 2016-2017

Contact:Darrell Henderson  / Advisor: Dr. Shubhalaxmi Kher

Purpose: The central purpose of this organization shall be the dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of any and all aspects of electrical engineering, electronics, radio, computer science, allied branches of engineering or the related arts and sciences, the furtherance of the professional development of the students, and the endorsement of electrical engineering as a profession. 

Arkansas State University  Stock Horse Team 2016-2017

Contact:Joshalyn Speer  / Advisor: Nathan Wells

Purpose: To educate and promote participation in stock/ranch horse horsemanship and competitions at the collegiate level.  

Art Education Club 2016-2017

Contact: Amy Williams / Advisor: Susan Whiteland

Purpose: The purpose of the Art Education Club is to promote art in education on every level.

Association for Computing Machinery 2016-2017

Contact: Marcos Alzati / Advisor:  Jake Qualls and Jason Causey

Purpose: We are a student-run chapter of the world's largest computing organization. Our goal is to provide a fun and informative environment for all students interested in computer science and technology. 

Association of Information Technology Professionals 2016-2017

Contact: Jessica Gilbert / Advisor: Dr. John Seydel

Purpose: Students interested in business technology.


Contact:Caleb Silvey/ Advisor: Dr. Mary J. Pitts

Purpose: To serve al members of the community of ASU as a vehicle of communication and public forum for faculty, staff, and students.

Athletic Training Educational Program Club (ATEP)

Contact: / Advisor: 

Purpose: Promote ASU and Athletic Training by community outreach and attending functions around the nation.

Avian Ecology Club 2016-2017

Contact: Lee Bryant / Advisor: Than Boves 

Purpose: A club for students interested in Avian Ecology, with aims of gaining experience in the field and lab.  Students are encouraged to attend scientific conferences, as well as educate the community about birds.

Bangladeshi Student Organization 2016-2017

Contact: Khairul Islam   / Advisor: Dr. Zahid Hossain

Purpose: to unite all students form Bangladesh and of Bangladeshi origin at A-State and promote friendship and understanding among the students and community members, to keep the culture and arts of Bangladesh alive in our heart organizing various events, and to extend all possible assistance to the prospective Bangladeshi students coming to the university. 

Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) 2016-2017

Contact: Alex Sanders  / Advisor: Jerome Stockert

Purpose: The BCM exists to grow students in Christ through connecting to His church and serving His world.

A-State Barbell Club 

Contact:Logan Wilson / Advisor: Matt Huckaby

Purpose: To bring together those interested in weight training and its associated sports

Best Buddies 

Contact: Zachary Timmons  / Advisor: Laura Kuizin

Purpose: To establish a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Black Student Association (BSA) 2016-2017

Contact: Javon Long / Advisor: Jerrod Lockhart

Purpose: BSA Seeks to promote university spirit, academic achievement and cultural enrichment.

Brass Society 2016-2017

Contact:Sean Quaresima / Advisor: Dr. Christopher Wilson

Purpose: to provide students with educational master classes, concerts, lectures, and lessons by procuring funds for guest artists and other departmental functions.

Brother to Brother (B2B) 2016-2017

Contact: Ja'Von Long / Advisor: Maurice Gipson

Purpose: B2B is a service-based organization focused on the improvement of the retention rate among minority males.

Business & Professional Women at Arkansas State University 2016-2017

Contact: Anita J. Marshall / Advisor: Dr. Patricia Robertson

Purpose: Business and Professional Women, founded in 1919, promotes equity for all women in the workplace through advocacy, education, and information. The organization focuses on women's issues and promotes equality, removing barriers and discrimination based on sex, and actively promotes legislation that would insure civil rights for all. 

Campus Outreach (CO) 2016-2017

Contact: Michael Johnson  / Advisor: Dr. Shane Hunt

Purpose: To help people develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and grow spiritually.

Catalyst Ministries

Contact: / Advisor: 

Purpose: We offer the opportunity to grow spiritually through the study of God's word, fellowship with other believers, and mission opportunities.

Catholic Newman Center (CNC) 2016-2017

Contact: Clare Doss  / Advisor: Brandon Weisenfels

Purpose: The Newman Center is a Christian faith centered organization with a commitment to the students, faculty, and staff of ASU. The Center provides an opportunity for prayer, Eucharist, fellowship, service and social activities.

Chi Alpha 2016-2017

Contact: Jim Wooley / Advisor: 

Purpose: To prepare and empower students of the faith to live a life of significance and success: impacting their families, the market place, their nations, and their world.

Chi Omega 2016-2017

Contact: Lexie Balisteri / Advisor: Rebekah Craft

Purpose: 6 purposes are: Friendship, Scholarship, High Standards of Personnel, Community Service, Career Development & Campus Activities.

Chinese Christian Fellowship 2016-2017

Contact: Lifeng Li / Advisor: Dr. Greg Meeks

Purpose: To help Chinese speakers on the A-State campus know and understand Christianity, the Bible, and the Christian life.

Chinese Student Organization (CSO) 2016-2017

Contact: Yixiang Chen / Advisor: Xiankui Hu

Purpose: To serve Chinese students, exists to help them better adapt to life at ASU. Also, to help carry forward the Chinese culture to American students and any people who want to know more about China.

Circle K International (CKI)

Contact:  / Advisor: 

Purpose: To provide the opportunity for leadership training in service.

Circle of Trust 2016-2017

Contact: Mariana Robinson / Advisor: Candence Brooks

Purpose: Circle of Trust is an organization for African-American female students. We strive to promote academic success, leadership skills, and community service.

College Life 2016-2017

Contact: Alex Sanders / Advisor: Rob Gordon

Purpose: That every member would be spirit-filled believers using their gifts and abilities for the edification of the church and the evangelization of the world.

College of Agriculture & Technology Ambassadors 

Contact: Trent Taylor  / Advisor: Dr. Donald (Bud) Kennedy

Purpose: The CoAT Ambassadors are committed to promoting the College, including: academic programs, student organizations, and recruiting prospective students.

College of Education & Behavioral Science Ambassadors  (COEBS) 2016-2017

Contact: Stephen Berry  / Advisor: Dr. Jeannie Oliver & Dr. Loretta McGregor

Purpose: To educate prospective students, families and or school groups on the programs, departments, facilities and opportunities available in the College of Ed and Behavioral Science.

College Republicans 2016-2017

Contact: Emilee Taylor / Advisor: Sarah Hamilton

Purpose: To make known and promote principles of the Republican party on campus and in the greater Northeast Arkansas community.

Collegiate Farm Bureau 2016-2017

Contact:Trent Taylor    Advisor: Nathan Wells

Purpose: The voice of the young farmers.

Collegiate Future Farmers of America (CFFA) 2016-2017

Contact: Trent Taylor / Advisor: Dr. Kevin Humphrey 

Purpose: CFFA makes a positive difference in lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agriculture education.

Counseling Organization for Graduate Students (CoGS) 2016-2017

Contact: Stephen Berry / Advisor: Dr. Lacy Overley

Purpose: to provide graduate counseling students a forum for exploring interests within the field of counseling (e.g. advocacy, play therapy, research) via the sponsorship of psychoeducational events, social gatherings, fundraising, and miscellaneous activities.

Criminology, Sociology, & Geography Club (CSG) 2016-2017

Contact:  Kelly Mendes / Advisor:  Dr. Matt Costello and Dr. Todd Fuist

Purpose: To promote scholarship, foster achievements within the college arena, and increase awareness in the criminology, sociology, and geography disciplines.


Contact: Cameron Nolen / Advisor: Bill Smith

Purpose: We exist to provide A-State students a cycling organization that promotes rider development and access to collegiate racing. We are a registered USA Cycling Collegiate club and intends to compete in Conference Championships yearly.

Delta Epsilon Iota (DEI) 

Contact:   / Advisor: Cathalene Thigpen-Stephens

Purpose: Delta Epsilon Iota's mission is to educate members about career development, encourage academic excellence, and promote the principles of dedication, enthusiasm, and initiative in all aspects of campus life.

Delta Sigma Omicron (DSO) 

Contact:  / Advisor:

Purpose: To promote disability awareness and integration for individuals with disabilities at A-State.

Delta Tau Alpha 

Contact: Corey Readnour / Advisor: Dr. Bud Kennedy

Purpose: Agricultural Honor Society

Delta Zeta 2016-2017

Contact: Laney Tinnell / Advisor:

Purpose: To unite its members in the bonds of sincere and lasting friendship, to stimulate one another in the pursuit of knowledge and to promote moral and social cultures.

Diamond Dolls 2016-2017

Contact: Meredith Smith / Advisor: Emily Devereux

Purpose:  This is a spirit and support organization for the A-State Baseball team who are committed to the growth of the baseball program through recruitment and the promotion of a spirited atmosphere at baseball games.

Disc Golf 2016-2107

Contact: Kellan McCann  / Advisor: Hollie Huckabee

Purpose:  The club will be a gateway for people who would like to become more involved in the sport and even compete on the professional level.

Entrepreneurial and Innovation Club (E&I Club) 2016-2017

Contact: Crosby Hendrix     Advisor: Heather Walker Clark 

Purpose: To bring together the students at ASU who desire to invent, patent, or commercialize new ideas and products. To educate, promote, and inform students on how to protect their intellectual property, patent ideas when appropriate, and network with other like-minded students. To foster entrepreneurship through higher education. To dramatically increase development, prevalence, and success of innovative ideas. To help develop students who go on to operate new and innovative companies and to be prepared to compete worldwide through excellent programs and projects.

Equine Club 

Contact: Ashley Young / Advisor: Nathan Wells

Purpose: To enrich the lives of the members involving them in the equine field.  The club helps members to become more knowledgeable about equines and to use this knowledge to their advantage

Exercise is Medicine 2016-2017

Contact: Cody Doerflein / Advisor: Shawn Drake

Purpose: To promote exercise and healthy behaviors as an alternative for medicine on the campus of A-State. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Contact:  / Advisor:

Purpose: Athletic ministry created to bring the Gospel to athletes and coaches.

Film Society 2016-2017

Contact:  / Advisor: Dr. M. Bowman

Purpose: To help nurture and develop an interest in film and filmmaking.

Feminist Union 2016-2017

Contact: Ainsley Pinchback / Advisor: Kellie Buford

Purpose: Dedicated to eradicating gender inequality, as well as, all inequalities based on race, ethnicity, class, religion, ability and LGBTQ identification though education, critical discussion, service projects, and activism.

Finance & Banking Club 

Contact:  / Advisor: Dr. Kern

Purpose: To promote a deeper involvement and a stronger understanding of the finance industry

Finish S.T.R.O.N.G.


Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to provide the A-State student body with information, resources, and opportunities to learn and implement academic strategies that will aid them in being a successful student academically at A-State.

Fit Foundations 2016-2017

Contact: Dylan Ferrell Advisor: Mandy Northcutt

Purpose: This club will provide students with the knowledge and confidence to start living a healthy lifestyle and continue to pursue that lifestyle past their college years. 

Gamma Epsilon Tau (GET) 2016-2017

Contact: Grant Roberts / Advisor: Pradeep Mishra

Purpose: GET is a national co-ed collegiate graphic design fraternity whose main purpose is to allow students of printing, publishing, design, and other graphic oriented majors to meet and interact in both a social and professional atmosphere. Gamma Epsilon Tau provides an important networking path for students to gain industry knowledge and expertise.

Garden Club (A-State) 2016-2017

Contact: Yuka Gotani / Advisor: David Agnew

Purpose: We promote locally grown food by providing educational resources to students and the community. We have a garden on Stella Drive and a Hoop house at the farm where we grow food. We contribute produce to the community and sell produce at the ASU Regional Farmers Market. The club is open to students with any major, faculty, and staff.

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) 2016-2017

Contact:Joy Mayall  / Advisor: Michele Merritt

Purpose: The purpose of the Gay-Straight Alliance is to help students and faculty understand the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community. Activities include workshops, weekly meetings, special events, and other educational activities to help build a safer and more tolerant environment for all LGBT students and their allies at Arkansas State University.

Golden Key International Honor Society (GKI)

Contact:  / Advisor: 

Purpose: Golden Key strives to unlock the potential of each of its members by upholding standards of excellence.  Elevated by our three pillars: Academics, Leadership and Service, Golden Key sets the standard for achievement.

Graduate Association of Business Students (GABS)

Contact:  / Advisor: 

Purpose: To facilitate the professional development of our graduate students in business through mentoring and networking opportunities, contact with professional speakers and exposure to organizational dynamics.

Graduate Student Council 2016-2017

Contact: Hunter Sadler Advisor:   Dr. Gilbert Fowler

Purpose: The GSC is devoted to serving and representing graduate students at A-State graduate students.

Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter of Arkansas State University 2016-2017

Contact: David Murphy / Advisor: Donald Kennedy

Purpose: Seeking to put God's love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope. The A-State Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter motivates students to volunteer, educate, fundraise, and advocate for affordable housing for those in need. 

Hispanic Outreach & Latino Appreciation (HOLA) 2016-2017

Contact: Ana Osorio / Advisor: 

Purpose: The purpose of HOLA is to foster a sense of community among everyone that has an interest in giving support to Latino/Hispanic culture and provide a foundation that will ensure academic, social, and personal success at Arkansas State University. 

Honors College Association (HCA) 2016-2017

Contact: Erin Langley / Advisor: Chad Whatley

Purpose: HCA is a student organization which brings Honors students together for trips, social and community events and service-learning opportunities.

Howl's Heroes 2016-2017

Contact: Tyler Price   Advisor: David Hastings

Purpose: to support the A-state Corps of Cadets program through fund raising, recruitment and coordination between Corps and other collegiate organizations

Improv A-State  2016-2017

Contact: David Norris  Advisor: Meredith Melville

Purpose: to practice, perform, and bring public notice to the performance art of improve while developing principles of Yes and, group mind, following the follower and support, and to apply these principles to both live comedy shows and to life.

Indian Student Organization (ISO) 2016-2017

Contact: Kameswari Bruhadeeswar / Advisor: Pradeep Mishra

Purpose: Educating students on Indian culture and educating Indian students on American culture.

International Association of Emergency Management (IAEM-USA-ASU) 2016-2017

Contact: Jake Jones / Advisor:  Brent Cox

Purpose: A-state student association of emergency managers and Community Emergency Response Team.

International Student Association (ISA) 2016-2017

Contact: Tarun Chincholi/ Advisor: Jeff Chandler

Purpose: To support international students and promote cultural awareness.

J2-Journey Campus College Ministry 2016-2017

Contact: Adam Brown / Advisor: Brian Boyer

Purpose: The vision of Journey College Ministry is to connect with, evangelize, and disciple college students in the Jonesboro community. Our desire is to build personal, meaningful, relationships with college students, helping them to build a foundation in Christ. 

Japanese Student Organization (JSO) 2016-2107

Contact: Misato Tsuruta / Advisor: Hidoya Koizomi 

Purpose: Cross-cultural activities to provide all students opportunities to experience Japanese culture and language.

Jonesboro Ultimate Disc Association (JUDA)

Contact:  / Advisor: 

Purpose: Promotion and encouragement of active participation from novice and skilled players in Ultimate from the ASU and Jonesboro communities.

Kappa Alpha Order 2016-2017

Contact: Elijah Bauer. / Advisor: Chris Gibson  

Purpose: The philosophy of our Order is that the acquisition of knowledge and the development of character are the great goals of life. Our focus on the cultivation of knowledge manifests itself through academic achievement on campus, growth and success in our careers, and the positive impact we have in the communities where we reside.

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. 2016-2017

Contact: Justin Taylor/ Advisor:Michael Joiner

Purpose: Membership is a solemn commitment. To this Fraternity, the maker of the commitment becomes synonymous with the commitment itself. Membership in Kappa Alpha Psi is a lifelong dedication to the ideas and lofty purposes of Kappa Alpha Psi, which considers for membership only those aspirants whose personal, social and academic qualifications are acceptable to both the College and Fraternity. Expectations concerning maturity and dedication are made upon new members and established members alike.

Kappa Sigma Fraternity 2016-2017

Contact:  Trey McClenahan / Advisor: Lee Gibson

Purpose: To be gentlemen and to uphold the principles of Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship and Service.

Kavel Oaumata (Friends are Miracles) (KO) 2016-2017

Contact:  Christin Wilkins / Advisor: Kerri Bennett

Purpose: This organization will allow students with disabilities to play games with others who either have a disability or want to work with people who have disabilities. Students will be in groups of 3-5 people to allow students to socialize in a low-stress environment.

Kayak and Canoe Club 2016-2017

Contact:  Mark Burk  Advisor: Richard Grippo

Purpose: To promote cooperation and leadership while learning about Arkansas aquatic systems and their uses, as well as recreational exercise.

Korean Student Association 2016-2017

Contact: Yeon Jae Lee   / Advisor:  Kawangok Song

Purpose: To bring together Korean students on campus and welcomes any students who are interested in Korean culture and language.

LCMSU at A-State (Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod U) 2016-2017

Contact: Michael Cotrell  / Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Pittman

Purpose: A place to connect and support our students, congregations and campus ministries so that we may boldly bear witness to Christ on our nation's college campuses.

Lambda Chi Alpha 2016-2017

Contact: Jared Dietz / Advisor: Rian Snell

Purpose: Through our Core Values and ritualistic teachings, Lambda Chi Alpha aims to systematically develop our men by fundamentally shaping who they are, what they know, and what they can do.

Lambda Pi Eta

Contact: Guy Riggins / Advisor: Michael Gray

Purpose: Communication honor society for four year colleges and universities.

Latter-Day Saint Student Association (LDSSA) 

Contact:  / Advisor: Brad Rawlins

Purpose: Encourage members to achieve goals, while maintaining a balanced campus life and to encourage members to be an influence for good and provide meaningful service.

League of Arkansas State University 2016-2017

Contact: Shena Dickson  / Advisor: Robert Lamm 

Purpose: To provide a positive group environment for A-State students to come together and play League of Legends.

Lighthouse College Ministry 

Contact: / Advisor: Chris Wilson

Purpose: To reach out and receive students into a community of faith in Jesus Christ, to strengthen their relationships with God, each other and the church, to nurture them as maturing leaders and disciples of Jesus Christ

Living Learning Community Hall Council

Contact: / Advisor: 

Purpose: to represent and serve the A-State community by creating programs, encouraging leadership and inspiring change. 

Lupus Subterranus 2016-2017

Contact: Jimmy Gore    Advisor: Dr. Thomas Risch 

Purpose: to promote conservation and protection of caves and their natural and historical contents; to promote interest in the studies of geology, biology and hydrology and other sciences associated with speleology; to promote safety, communication and fellowship among these interested therein.  

March of Dimes 2016-2017

Contact: Madison Cox   Advisor: Kristie Vinson

Purpose: to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.

Marine Biology Club 2016-2017

Contact: Kandria Driskill / Advisor: Richard Grippo

Purpose: To promote marine interaction from a landlocked state.  The club allows its members to demonstrate leadership, volunteer skills, and love of aquatic systems through active participation.

Master Social Work Student Organization (MSWSO) 

Contact: Randall Murray / Advisor: Dr. Pat Wilkerson

Purpose: This organization is open to anyone in the Masters in Social Work program at ASU. We strive to extend our resource networks and serve the community while adhering to the NASW Code of Ethics. We have fundraising projects throughout the year and participate in community events.

Mathematics Association of America 2016-2017

Contact: Madison Rowe / Advisor: Dr. Amanda Lambertus

Purpose: To support the learning and research of undergraduate and graduate studies in mathematics

Men's Rugby 2016-2017

Contact: / Advisor: Matt Huckaby

Purpose: Club Sport

Middle Level Association (A-State MLA) 2016-2017

Contact: Hannah Dailey / Advisor: Dixie Keyes

Purpose: The MLA is a group of dedicated educators-to-be that desire to affect a positive change in our college and the surrounding community.

Minorities in Healthcare Professions (MHP) 2016-2017

Contact: Diana Smith / Advisor: Porsha McGregor

Purpose: The purpose of this club is to provide minorities in healthcare fields (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physician assistants, physical therapists, etc) with resources such as peer mentoring, professional development, volunteering and shadowing opportunities.

Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship (MBSF) 2016-2017

Contact: Jordan Cook Eanes  / Advisor: Loretta Brewer

Purpose: MBSF offers Christian fellowship, teaching, and accountability. We also promote the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ. All students interested are welcome to attend.

Mu Alpha Chi 2016-2017

Contact: Max Bacot   / Advisor: Rob Gordon

Purpose: a philanthropic network with the purpose of finding and organizing volunteer opportunities for the betterment of the community, as well as raise scholarship money for local public schools and current Arkansas State students.

Muslim Student Association 2016-2017

Contact: Shabib Alzuabi  / Advisor: Dr. Mohammad  Abhah Alam

Purpose: To serve the needs of Muslim students in ASU and help increase the awareness of the University community about Islam and its beliefs through educational programs thereby promoting knowledge and understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Music Appreciation 2016-2017

Contact:  Corbin Edwards / Advisor: Marcus Tribbett

Purpose: to provide a platform for modern music consumers and creators to share projects, discuss current music trends, expand tastes, and make connections with fellow music lovers.

National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) 

Contact: Trish Chibuwe/ Advisor: John Robertson

Purpose: to address the professional needs of its members and to build leaders who shape the future of the accounting and finance profession with an unfaltering commitment to inspire the same in tehir successors.

National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ)

Contact:  / Advisor: Larz Roberts   Sandra Combs

Purpose: Providing students with quality programs and service to advocate black journalists\

National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW) 2016-2017

Contact: Zelda Jones / Advisor: Patricia Guy Walls

Purpose: NABSW, comprised of people of African ancestry, is committed to enhancing the quality of life and empowering people of African ancestry through advocacy, human services delivery, and research. The purpose of our organization is to provide students with the opportunity to work together as a team and advocate for others.

National Broadcasting Society

Contact: / Advisor: Michael Bowman

Purpose: To encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among media students.

National History Collections Curation Club (NHC3) 

Contact: Kari Harris / Advisor:

Purpose: The National History Collections Curation Club recognizes the scientific and historical value of biological collections and is dedicated to assisting in the preservation, maintenance and organization of ASU's scientific collections. NHC3 recognizes the opportunity this affords members to gain experience working with museum specimens as well as the benefit provided to the school as a whole by making collections fit for use in scientific works.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) 

Contact: Jordan Moore / Advisor:

Purpose: Represent the top 1% of leaders in the Residence Halls through academics, philanthropy, and recognition.

National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) 2016-2017

Contact: Cassandra Koekmoer / Advisor: Kristie Vinson

Purpose: We are a national, invite only non-profit organization. We instill leadership, service, and academics in our members. We have meetings one a month during the semester, do at least 5 community service/volunteer activities per semester, and more. 

National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS) 

Contact: Barbera Bell / Advisor: Amber Long

Purpose: To build leaders who make a better world.

National Student Speech, Language & Hearing Association (NSSLHA) 2016-2017

Contact: Hannah Campbell / Advisor: Amy Shollenbarger

Purpose: To encourage professional interest among college and university students in the study of normal and disordered human communication behavior.

Natural History Collections Curation Club 

Contact: Mary Rath / Advisor: 

Purpose: to develop a group of people for the appreciation and sharing of natural history collections

Nazarene Campus Ministries - Refuge

Contact:  / Advisor: Shane Hunt

Purpose: To provide spiritual and social support to the students on the campus of ASU.

Nepalese Student Organization 2016-2017

Contact: Sajani Thapa  / Advisor: Dr. Manu Bhandari

Purpose: To establish better relationships among Nepalese and other students at A-State and at the same time promote the Nepalese culture and traditions.

Non-Traditional Student Organization (NTSO)

Contact: Yaoska Abaunza / Advisor:

Purpose: The purpose of NTSO is to advocate and support the success of non-traditional students at ASU.

Occupational Therapy Student Association 2016-2017

Contact: Grayson Owens / Advisor: Dr. Tracy Morrison

Purpose: Provide a place for interested students to gather and learn more about the career of OT, the admission process for the OT program for different surrounding schools, discover various career opportunities, as well as interact with other OT students.  

Omega Psi Phi, Inc. 2016-2017

Contact: Kordell Hightower / Advisor: Dr. Lonnie Williams

Purpose: Omega Psi Phi is a unique group of men that encourage high standards, community service and assist in the building of character and leadership development among men.

Order of the Wolf Head 

Contact: Severiano Acebo / Advisor: Dr. Charles Roe

Purpose: To offer a student organization where Freemasons and like-minded individuals may meet and congregate on campus.

Orchestra Society 2016-2017

Contact:Brandon Thomas / Advisor: Mr. Chi Young Song 

Purpose: To afford A-State Orchestra members and friends the opportunity to share their interest in great symphonic music. Also, to promote the importance of an orchestra program at Arkansas State University, to increase membership, to invite guest artists, to attend off-campus concerts, and help with fundraising.

Phi Alpha Honor Society

Contact: / Advisor: Larry Morton

Purpose: The purpose of Phi Alpha Honor Society, the National Society of Social Workers, is to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideals.

Phi Alpha Theta 2016-2017

Contact: Ashely Fox / Advisor: Justin Castro 

Purpose: We are a professional society whose mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication, and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. We seek to bring students and teachers together for intellectual and social exchanges, which promote and assist historical research and publication by our members in a variety of ways. 

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL)

Contact:  / Advisor: Dr. Philip Tew

Purpose: Future Business Leaders of America-Phe Beta Lambda is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) education association with a quarter million students preparing for careers in business and business-related fields.  Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) is the post-secondary division of Future Business Leaders of America.  If you are interested in developing leadership, communication, and team skills or simply looking for an organization to meet and network with others at the local, state, or national levels; PBL is the organization for you.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. 2016-2017

Contact: Nick Tolbert / Advisor: Adonis Thompson 

Purpose: To uplift our brothers and live by our three principles of brotherhood, scholarship & service.

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity 2016-2017

Contact: Spencer Qualls / Advisor: Dr. Dale Miller    Dr. Dan Ross

Purpose: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity is a social music fraternity. Our objective is "the development of the best and truest fraternal spirit, the mutual welfare and brotherhood of musical students, the advancement of music in America, and loyalty to the Alma Mater."

Philosophy Club 2016-2017

Contact: Andrew Gadberry   / Advisor: Dr. Jacob Caton    Dr. Michele Merritt

Purpose: To discuss and participate in philosophical discussion.

Physical Education Majors Club 

Contact: Caleb Garrett/ Advisor: Agneta Sibrava 

Purpose: PEM Club will provide professional and community service through workshops, clinics and related activities in Physical Education.

Physical Therapy Student Association (PTSA) 2016 - 2017

Contact: London Abernathy/ Advisor: Kristie Vinson

Purpose: PTSA offers the opportunity to network with other students, faculty, staff and alumni of the Physical Therapy Department through tailgates, fundraisers, service opportunities and other special events.

Piano Society 2016-2017

Contact: Samantha Holt / Advisor: Dr. Lauren Schack Clark

Purpose: To promote performance and the appreciation of piano music, and to encourage attendance at recitals and classes.

Pi Kappa Alpha 2016-2017

Contact:Dakota Hedden / Advisor: Tim O. Brown

Purpose: Pi Kappa Alpha is dedicated to developing men of integrity, intellect, and high moral character and to fostering a truly lifelong fraternal experience.

Ping Pong Club

Contact: Dallas Paine / Advisor: Jie Miao

Purpose: The objective of the Ping Pong Club is to bring people together to meet, learn, and to play ping pong.

Positive Psychology Club 

Contact: Ethan Reed / Advisor: Dr. Irina Khramtsova  

Purpose: The Club is dedicated to studying positivity and psychological well-being and practicing various ways to increase them through mindfulness and meditation.

Plant and Soil Science Club (PSSC) 2016-2017

Contact: Shauna Taylor / Advisor: Dr. Kim Pittcock

Purpose: To bring students together for social and professional reasons, all students who are interested in agronomy and horticulture.

Pre-Dental Club (PDC) 2016-2017

Contact: Darrian Warner / Advisor:  Jill Czerwonky

Purpose: The purpose of our organization is to provide information and resources to those seeking a career in dental surgery.

Pre-Law Club (PLC) 2016-2017

Contact: Preston Bennett / Advisor:  Dr. Laquita Saunders

Purpose: The purpose of our organization is to assist students in the law school application process, reach out to state and local bar association, and to provide community service and enrichment opportunities.

Pre-Optometry Club 2016-2017

Contact: Erika Schrunk / Advisor: David and Diane Gilmore

Purpose: The purpose of this organization shall be to serve students interested in a career in vision care by providing information on professional schools and clinical practice; as well as performing community service.

Pre-Professional Club (A-State PPC) 2016-2017

Contact: Wesley Bennett / Advisor: Dr. Ronald Johnson

Purpose: To prepare Pre-Professional Students for their future by providing opportunities for service, leadership, and meaningful experience.

Pre-Veterinary Club

Contact: / Advisor: Stephanie Pulley

Purpose: Our goal and purpose of the Pre-Veterinary Club is to maintain and increase the interest of college students pursuing the pre-professional course of study in veterinary medicine.

Pretty Proverbs 2016-2017

Contact: Mateisha Hudson / Advisor: Rasheda Hamilton

Purpose: Our mission is to be an encouraging Christian organization for girls and young women to seek accountability and sisterhood, but most of all inspiration. A place where real women encourage real women in all aspects of life. We provide bi-weekly Bible studies, community service projects, monthly blogs, and more. We want to provide proof that young followers of Christ can be fashionable, humorous, fun, and exciting. Although we don't belong to this World (John: 15:19), we face the temptations and challenges that living in this world brings. We are by no means perfect, but we have every intention to please a perfect Jesus. 

Print Club

Contact:  / Advisor: Shelley Gipson

Purpose: Encourages the practice of print making through educational projects, exhibitions, workshops, and conferences.

Psi Chi: International Honor Society in Psychology 2016-2017

Contact: / Advisor: Dr. Karen Yanowitz

Purpose: Recognizing and promoting excellence in the science and application of psychology

Psychology Club 2016-2017

Contact: Tabitha O'Neal  / Advisor: Dr. Wayne Wilkinson and Dr. Christopher Peters

Purpose: Seeks to promote understanding and education of the psychological sciences through discussions, philanthropy work, and community service.

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) 2016-2017

Contact: Tori Bell / Advisor: Lisa Moskal

Purpose: PRSSA networks your future through professionals.

Quidditch Club 2016-2017

Contact: David Norris / Advisor: Marcus Tribbett

Purpose: To bring about the sport of Quidditch to Arkansas State. We travel to play other teams across the nation.


Contact:  / Advisor: Dr. Brian Church

Purpose: reCreate is a movement of Gospel communities on mission who hang out/do life together (reCreation) and who make disciples in order to bless (reCreate) the ASU campus, students, staff, and faculty for the good of others and the glory of Jesus. Our communities are open to followers of Jesus and ANY interested in learning about Him and His ways.

Red Cross Club 2016-2017

Contact: Anthony Bassey / Advisor: Brent Cox 

Purpose: To provide local disaster response and other activities of the American Red Cross.

Red Wolf Chapter of Soil and Water Conservatory 

Contact: Kassandra Riley/ Advisor: Dr. Steven Green

Purpose: To foster the science and art of natural resource conservation through education, network, training and professional development.

Red Wolf Radio 2016-2017

Contact: Oscar Flores Arnell Jones / Advisor: Larz Roberts

Purpose: To engage students in the world of radio through hands on experience and establish professional relationships with outside media outlets.

Red Wolf Ultimate Club (RWU)

Contact: / Advisor: Dr. Andy Mooneyhan

Purpose: The purpose of the Red Wolf Ultimate Club is to advance the sport of Ultimate at Arkansas State University (specifically at the competitive collegiate level) and to compete in the USAU college season each spring.

Red Wolves Cricket Club

Contact: / Advisor: Pradeep Mishra

Purpose: To promote the sport of cricket at Arkansas State University. 

Red Wolves P.O.W.E.R. (Promoting Opportunities with Effective Recovery) 2016-2017

Contact: Ian Tucker / Advisor: Amber Long Martin

Purpose: The purpose of Red Wolves P.O.W.E.R. is to promote the academic and social well-being of recovering students and their allies at Arkansas State University-Jonesboro through the praxis of educating, empowering, and community building (recovery meetings). 

Red Wolves Shooting Sports 

Contact: Haden Zirbel / Advisor: Gauri-Shankar Guha

Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to educate its members and help them enjoy the sport of trap shooting, skeet, and sporting clay.

REPS 2016-2107

Contact: Samantha Goodwin / Advisor: Evi Taylor 

Purpose: The purpose of the stAte Reps shall be to provide support and assistance as an auxiliary volunteer group through the Office of Recruitment for athletic facility tours, recruitment events (athletics and non-athletics), and alumni relations activities.

Residence Hall Association 2016-2107

Contact: Thomas Ragland / Advisor: Kate Page

Purpose: Residence Hall Association (RHA) is committed to representing and serving the ASU community by creating programs, encouraging leadership, and inspiring change.

Revolution College Ministries 2016-2017

Contact: B Innocent / Advisor: Dr. Georger Horneker 
Purpose: Residence Hall Association (RHA) is committed to representing and serving the ASU community by creating programs, encouraging leadership, and inspiring change.

Rho Alpha Sigma

Contact:  / Advisor: Kelly Ponder

Purpose: To promote the recognition of the outstanding efforts of the top 10 percent of RAs, to encourage excellence in performance of the RA position, to promote the Student Affairs profession among the most skilled RAs.

Rocket League 

Contact: Matthew Strack / Advisor: Austin Copenhaver

Purpose: To increase the awareness of Rocket League in Northeast Arkansas and bring the community together through the competitive edge of Esports.

Rodeo Club

Contact:  / Advisor: 

Purpose: The purpose of this club is to support the ASU Rodeo Team.


Contact: Monica Norman / Advisor: Mark Lewis

Purpose: Service above Self.

St. Mark's Episcopal Church on Campus 

Contact:Ryan Smith / Advisor: Amanda Wheeler

Purpose: We are united in building community through service, outreach, and fellowship on campus at A-State. The Episcopal Church welcomes you.

Saudi Student Club 2016-2017

Contact: Abdullah Asmael / Advisor: Hashim Ali

Purpose: To support Saudi students at A-State and organize Saudi cultural events.

Scarlet Chess Club 2016-2017

Contact: / Advisor: Gregory Hansen

Purpose: The Scarlet Chess Club meets for those interested in playing and promoting the game of chess through informal games, tournaments and lessons.    www.scarletchessclub.weebly.com

School Psychology Student Association 2016-2017

Contact: Christopher Williams / Advisor: Dr. John Hall

Purpose: To create a unified School Psychology graduate program that promotes professional leadership, academic achievement, and civic responsibility through the discussion of current issues and topics of School Psychology, in addition to providing information specific to the roles and responsibilities of a School Psychologist.

SCI Chapter (Student Composers Incorporated)

Contact: / Advisor: Tim Crist

Purpose: The ASU/SCI Student Chapter is a formal union of composers that help to promote the creation, performance, understanding and dissemination of original music composition. The Chapter welcomes all A-State students who either have an interest in composing music, or a desire to gain a deeper understanding of music and its architecture.

Secular Student Alliance Arkansas State University 2016-2017

Contact: Kyler Cowden / Advisor: Brent Carrol

Purpose: Our mission is to provide those who don't identify with any organized religion with a circle of like-minded peers, work to remove the stigma associated with atheism, agnosticism, and other non-religious beliefs, and provide an opportunity for religious students to voice their doubts or questions about religion without fear of judgment

Seven 47 (College Ministry of Central Baptist Church) 2016-2017

Contact: Ashlyn Mason / Advisor: Marcus Smith

Purpose: to reach college students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and lead them to grow in groups, serve the church and campus and reach the rest.

Sigma Alpha Iota

Contact:  / Advisor: Dr. Lauren Schack Clark

Purpose: To form chapters of women college students and alumnae who have a sincere interest in music. To uphold the highest standards of music. To further the development of music in America and throughout the world.

Sigma Alpha Lambda (SAL)

Contact: / Advisor: Chandni Khadka

Purpose: A national leadership and honors organization dedicated to developing the individual and serving our campus and our community.

Sigma Chi 2016-2017

Contact: Joseph Stewart   / Advisor:

Purpose: Sigma Chi’s core values are friendship, justice and learning. Our vision is to become the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization — aligned, focused and living our core values. Our mission is to develop values-based leaders committed to the betterment of character, campus and community.

Sigma Delta Pi (National Collegiate Spanish Honors Organization) 2016-2017

Contact: Katie Street / Advisor: Claudio Eduardo

Purpose: "Spanias didagei Proagomen" Let's go forth" under the teaching of the Spanish language.

Sigma Pi 2016-2107

Contact:Chris Hooks / Advisor: Ricky  Marshal

Purpose: Maintain a fellowship of kindred mind united in brotherhood, to advance truth & justice, to promote scholarship, to encourage chivalry, to diffuse culture, and to develop character.

Sigma Tau Delta

Contact:  / Advisor: Kristi Costello

Purpose: To foster the academic community of wrting and literature makors, whether undergraduate or graduate students, in order to create a professionalized atmosphere.

SMASH (Students Ministering and Seeking Him)

Contact: / Advisor: Joycelynne Coleman

Purpose: This young adult collegiate ministry will serve to provide innovative and non-traditional methods for enhancing a person's spiritual walk with God.

Smash Bros. 2016-2107

Contact: Brandon Lercher / Advisor: Blake Emerson

Purpose: The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the Smash Bros. scene in the Jonesboro area by hosting public events while promoting sportsmanship, competition, and appreciation of the Super Smash Brothers game franchise in a positive environment

Society for Collegiate Leadership and Achievement

Contact:  / Advisor: Nikesha Nesbitt

Purpose: to honor undergraduate students' achievement and empower them by providing powerful tools for academic and professional success.

Society for Human Resource Management

Contact:  / Advisor: Dr. Faye Cocchiara

Purpose: SHRM is the nation's largest and most influential association of human resource professionals. ASU's award-winning student chapter members participate in various academic and civic activities and network with HR professionals throughout the northeast Arkansas region to increase their opportunities for finding gainful employment after graduation.

Society for Neuroscience 

Contact: Addison Myren  / Advisor: Dr. Amy Pearce

Purpose: Promote neuroscience education and research through involved undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty (e.g. identifying and placing students with A-State faculty for research experiences, independent study, special topics study and summer research internships.)

Society of Automotive Engineers Arkansas State (SAE) 2016-2017 

Contact: Collin Weatherly  / Advisor: Dr. Paul Sherman

Purpose: to provide its members opportunities to gain broader insight into the engineering profession by sponsoring meetings which will bring practicing engineers to the campus, arranging on-site visits to research and engineering establishments, sponsoring student projects of engineering interest, and participating in local SAE Section activities.

Society of Collegiate Leadership & Advancement  2016-2017 

Contact: Ethan Barnes  / Advisor: Dr. Shane Hunt

Purpose: SCLA is an honor society that recognizes the achievements of students and facilitates the learning and development of all students of merit as they progress towards personal, academic, and career success.

Society of Physics Students 2016-2107

Contact: Jesse Brown / Advisor: B. Ross Carroll

Purpose: To educate and raise interest and awareness in the field of physics to the general public through demonstrations pertinent to everyday life. 

Society of Women Engineers 

Contact: Jessica Marks / Advisor: Leah J Walker

Purpose: The Society of Women Engineers is a non-profit, educational, service organization dedicated to making known the need for women engineers and encouraging young women to consider engineering education.

Special Olympics College 2016-2017

Contact: Darah Merritt / Advisor: Valarie Hilson

Purpose: SO College connects students and individuals with intellectual disabilities through sports to build friendships and help lead the social justice movement of Special Olympics. The organization is dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities and building a more accepting and inclusive world for all. 

Spoken Word and Slam Poetry Society A-State 2016-2017

Contact: Arnelle Jones / Advisor: Michael Gray

Purpose: to increase education, to promote individual agency and social change through rhetoric arts, to generate creative expressions of advocacy, to establish and maintain a supportive community of academics, and to facilitate healthy conversations in the community of Arkansas State University.

Sport Management Club (SMC) 2016-2017

Contact: Christyal Holloway / Advisor: Dr. Claudia Benavides

Purpose: To gain experience in the field of Sport Management.

St. Jude Up til Dawn 2016 -2017

Contact: Caleb Strain  / Advisor: Katey Provence

Purpose: Raise awareness for St. Jude Children's Hospital

Standard Bearers 2016-2017

Contact: Ashley Middleton / Advisor: Jarrod Lockhart

Purpose: To promote Jesus in a non-traditional way. This campus ministry's purpose is to meet college students on their level and discuss how to maintain balance in their spiritual life during their college life.

Student Activities Board 2016-2017

Contact:  / Advisor: Morgan Crain

Purpose: Student Activities Board (SAB) plans, promotes, and facilitates on campus programming for A-State.

Student Association of Clinical Laboratory Professionals (SACLP) 2016-2017

Contact: Wendy Skaggs / Advisor: William Payne

Purpose: SACLP strives to create a positive image of the Clinical Laboratory Sciences program and profession through providing members with opportunities to participate in continuing education and volunteer work in the community. 

Student Association of Radiologic and Imaging Sciences - (SARIS) 2016-2017

Contact: McKinlee Walker / Advisor: Donna Caldwell

Purpose: To promote the profession of medical imaging and to advance the professional development of radiography students by participating in community service activities. SARIS students compete annually in the Quiz Bowl competition organized by the Arkansas Society of Radiologic Technologists. 

Student Association of Radiologic and Imaging Sciences - Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SARIS-DMS)

Contact:  / Advisor: Amber Wooten

Purpose: To promote the science of medical imaging and radiation therapy and worthy projects in the community and to advance the professional development of students in diagnostic medical sonography education.

Student Association of Radiologic and Imaging Sciences - MRI emphasis (SARIS-MRI) 2016-2017

Contact: Hannah Owen / Advisor: Cheryl DuBose

Purpose: This organization consists of current MRI program students interested in networking, continuing education, and community service outside of the classroom. Students also compete in the RT Quiz Bowl Competition.

Student Conduct Board 2016-2017

Contact: Jared Gowen / Advisor:

Purpose: The purpose of Student Conduct Board is to be proactive and reactive to student conduct issues through presentations on policies serving as a hearing body for A-state when cases are delegated to them by the Office of Student Conduct. They make decisions regarding responsibility for standards of student conduct violations, and apply sanctions appropriate for students found responsible for such violations. Members strive to be role models and promoters of the campus ethics embodied in the Standards of Student Conduct and in the mission statement. 

Student Council for Exceptional Children (A-State) 2016-2107

Contact: Lauren Boreani           Advisor: Dr. Kimberley Davis     Dr. Jacques Singleton

Purpose: to promote professional standers of a high order and improve the preparation of all professionals dealing with persons with exceptionalities. It shall further be the purpose of this organization to promote programs designed to enhance the professional development of its members in serving children, youth, and adults with exceptionalities and to disseminate information to inform the public of the needs of persons with exceptionalities at the local, state regional and international levels.

Student Diversity Recruitment Organization (A-State) 2016-2107

Contact: Dominique Phillips         Advisor: Chris Davis   

Purpose: focus on the attraction of various minority groups to Arkansas State, as well as making sure these students graduate from ASU. Through personal connections with students and various communities, the improvement of the campus climate, and special events, we are looking to increase the enrollment and retention rate of all minority groups.

Student Government Association 2016-2017

Contact:Hannah Aldridge / Advisor: Martha Spack

Purpose: To serve as the official voice of the student body.

Student Nurse Anesthetist Club  2016 -2017

Contact: Ben Griffin / Advisor: Dr. Lorena Thompson

Purpose: to create an environment of socialization, preceptor, and mentorship for former, current and future students attending the Nurse Anesthesia graduate program at A-State.

Student Nurses' Association (SNA) 2016 -2017

Contact: Justin Alexander / Advisor: Lance Wilcox

Purpose: To aid in the development of the nursing student, his/her professional role, and his/her responsibility for the healthcare of people in all walks of life.   www.astatesna.org 

Student Nutrition and Dietetic Association (SNDA)

Contact:  / Advisor: Kelly Tidwell

Purpose: It is the mission of the ASU Student Nutrition and Dietetic Association to prepare students to be respectful, responsible, and accountable for education in nutrition while increasing community awareness about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Student Philanthropy Council (A-State) 2016-2017

Contact: Jade Collins / Advisor: Jessica Blackburn

Purpose:  The purpose of the Arkansas State University Student Philanthropy Council is to serve A-State by building, cultivating, and sustaining relationships within the A-State community and to educate the student body about the impact and importance of charitable giving while encouraging a culture of philanthropy on campus. 

Student Research Council (A-State SRC) 2016-2017

Contact: Angela Lewis / Advisor: Emily Devereux

Purpose: a student-led, registered campus organization, with the purpose of encouraging participation of students in research activities across all academic disciplines.

Student Social Work Organization - Undergraduate Level (SWO)

Contact:  / Advisor: Donna Parker

Purpose: To bring together bachelor-level social work students to better the surrounding agencies and community.

Student Veterans Organization, A-State (ASVO) 2016-2017

Contact: Daniel Smith / Advisor: Lynda Nash 

Purpose: To assist all veterans in transitioning from boots to books. Additional services are also available.

Study Abroad (A-State) 2016-2017

Contact: Monica Norman / Advisor: Jennifer Brightwell

Purpose: to promote the experience of study abroad on the campus of Arkansas State University

TALENTS 2016-2017

Contact: Jobari Williams/ Advisor: Anthony Holmes

Purpose: to provide a place for A-State students to express their creative skills while promoting professionalism, positivity, and personal growth. This organization embraces individuality, as well as diversity, while providing unity throughout every aspect of the community through networking.

Tau Beta Sigma Service Sorority 2016-2017

Contact: Katie Gramlich / Advisor: Dr. Timothy Oliver

Purpose: We provide exceptional service to collegiate bands and promote equality and diversity, including empowering women in the band profession. We cultivate leadership, educational achievement, music appreciation and community development.

Technology Club

Contact: / Advisor: Rajesh Sharma

Purpose: To increase the communication and visibility of students in technology related fields through career advancement programs.

Tedx Club at Arkansas State University 2016-2017

Contact: Arnelle Jones / Advisor: Claudio Eduardo

Purpose: To further the TED principles of Ideas Worth Spreading by hosting TEDx conferences, watching TED talks and making TED known through Arkansas State University.  

The Herald 

Contact: Bethany Gallimore  / Advisor: Sandra Combs 

Purpose: Independent student newspaper informing the campus and community since 1921.

The Pack 

Contact:  / Advisor: Jason Martin

Purpose: To Have all students come together and be "one" student section at athletic events.

Tributary Publishing Society

Contact:  / Advisor: Rick Lott

Purpose: To publish and promote a literary journal composed of material produced by A-State students.

United Voices Gospel Choir 2016-2017

Contact: Kyle Smith/ Advisor: Melissa Jackson

Purpose: The purpose of United Voices shall be to minister the word of God to the campus and the surrounding community.

United Way (A-State) 2016-2017

Contact: Emma Hoggard / Advisor: Jenny Keller

Purpose: A-state Student United Way shall serve local community (1) by giving , advocating, and volunteering in the areas of education, income, and health, (2) helping members and other students grow as leaders and connect to the community, and (3) building lasting relationships amongst members and with the United Way movement. 

Verge Church

Contact: / Advisor: Dr. Christopher Wilson

Purpose: To be an open and welcoming group of students who want to share God's love and message with our fellow students.

Vietnamese Student Association 2016-2017

Contact: Anh Hoang Advisor: Thiila Siuakuraman 


Village Tenant Association

Contact: / Advisor: Kelly Ponder

Purpose: To impact and enrich our communities by providing essential support for education, philanthropy and leadership.

Volunteer A-State 2016-2017

Contact: Emilee Taylor / Advisor: Katey Provence

Purpose: Providing the Arkansas State University a place to serve, learn, and #makeastAtement by partnering with nonprofits and promoting social justice.

We Are the Future

Contact:  / Advisor: Carmen Lanos Williams

Purpose: Enlighten the future generation of Christ.

Wesley Foundation 2016-2017

Contact: Samantha Black / Advisor: Sam Meadors   Russ Hannah  

Purpose: Our mission at the Wesley Foundation of Arkansas State is to be an intentional campus community of faith seeking to become followers of Jesus Christ equipped to lead, learn, and love. 

Whovians United

Contact:  / Advisor: Cindi Beason

Purpose: To inform individuals of the same interest on current events of the Doctor Who universe.

Wildlife and Fisheries Society 2016-2017

Contact: Hunter Adams / Advisor: Tom Risch

Purpose: The Arkansas State University Wildlife and Fisheries Society is a Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society. The club is a collection of like minded individuals dedicated to the conservation and preservation of Arkansas's natural flora and fauna. We are hunters, fishermen, birdwatchers, hikers, kayakers, snake wranglers, tree climbers, flower pickers, and biology enthusiasts. 

WOLFLIFE Campus Ministry 2016-2017

Contact: Devon Sears / Advisor: Chris Buxton   Gail Hudson

Purpose: WOLFLIFE Campus Ministry exists to help A-State students move closer to God through a relationship with Jesus. Our events are built around mentoring, teaching, relationship building, and service. The name "WOLFLIFE" comes from a combination of the ASU mascot (Red Wolves) and the true, overflowing life that comes through Christ.  www.wolflife.org 

Women In Science Club 

Contact: Lauren Grogan / Advisor: Dr. Virginie Rolland

Purpose: To honor the accomplishments of women past and present in the fields of science and to encourage the growth of young women in STEM career fields.

Women's Rugby Club (A-State) 2016-2017

Contact: Paige Bowen  / Advisor:  Rhonda Keith  

Purpose: None provided 

Word College 2016-2017

Contact: Evan Pierce / Advisor: Aaron Flake

Purpose: To provide students with the opportunity to love God, equip the Church, and impact the world. We want to give students the opportunity to connect with families that can be their home away from home.

Young Democrats (A-State YD) 2016-2017

Contact: Alyson Clyburn  / Advisor: Dr. Richard Wang

Purpose: a student-led coalition on campus committed to: engaging students at A-State in the democratic process, educating students about the effects of policies, and empowering students to be better advocates in letting their voice be heard.

Young Investors (ASYI)

Contact: / Advisor: Patricia Robertson


Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. 2016-2017

Contact: LaDawna Williams  / Advisor: Aisha Stafford

Purpose: To exemplify scholarship, community service, sisterly love, and finer womanhood.

Zeta Tau Alpha 2016-2017

Contact:Caitlon Tribett  / Advisor: Lisa Golden

Purpose: The purpose of Zeta Tau Alpha is the intensifying of friendship, the fostering of a spirit of love, the creating of such sentiments, the performing of such deeds, and the molding of such opinions as will be conducive to the building up of a purer and nobler womanhood in the world.