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International Student Association

April 2018
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Welcome to the International Student Association (ISA) at Arkansas State University. ISA promotes the well-being of international students, and promotes better friendships, interactions, and understanding among international students and between international students, domestic students, and other groups at A-State and the Jonesboro community.    

ISA serves as the central group at A-State which embodies all international students, and assists, advises, and represents international students in matters of common welfare and concern. ISA maintains liaison with the Division of Global Engagement and Outreach and International Programs; and hosts social, cultural, and educational activities on behalf of and for its members.

Being a part of the International Student Association on campus provides opportunities to volunteer, build leadership skills, and make new friends. In 2018, ISA was awarded the Alpha Wolf Award on campus for the outstanding service the student association provided to the campus, students, and community. ISA hosts events throughout the year including, but not limited to, game nights, informational tables for membership activities, and prom. Members also participate actively in volunteering for International Programs events including the annual International Food Festival and cultural workshops.  

ISA is an active organization on campus and its members include all international students and any domestic students who have an interest in global friendships and service to others. Each year, an officer board is elected.

Staff Advisor: Akuri Lingenfelter, Student Engagement Specialist 

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President: Anukrit Chapagain, Nepal

Anukrit Chapagain

Vice-President: Vu Nguyen, Vietnam

Vu Nguyen

Secretary: Subham Sarkar, India

Subham Sarkar

Treasurer: Quynh Ho, Vietnam

Quynh Ho

Member At Large: Courtney Atkins

Courtney Atkins

Member At Large: Dante Soh

Vu Dante Soh

Member At Large: Jacob Freeze

Jacob Freeze