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Campus Wi-Fi


07/24/12 Important announcement for all users!

Please read the following:

AstateSecure is now available for use for any device that is WPA2-Enterprise capable! This includes Androids as well as many other devices such as PCs, Macs, and iDevices. It is a much more secure and convenient way to connect to ASU’s wireless network and is now considered to be the recommended connection over AstateAnywhere. One of the major advantages to using AstateSecure over AstateAnywhere is AstateSecure does not use web-authentication to connect. It’s always on.

Usually, all you have to do is just point your device to AstateSecure, accept the certificate and connect using your username and password. No \ASTATE or \STUDENTS prefix required! However if you are having problems with your iDevice, you can go here for manual setup instructions:

See further instructions and details here >>

The wireless network at ASU is designed as a “secondary” network that compliments the wired network infrastructure. It’s designed as a mobility enabler, not as a replacement for the wired network. Wireless doesn’t have as much bandwidth, security, or stability as the wired network, so it is highly recommended to use the wired network if possible. However, if you need to connect to ASU’s network where there isn’t a network port available or if you need to be mobile, ASU’s wireless is there for you.

Our wireless network is split into several different connectivity options (or SSID’s). These have changed recently so please note the following.


AstateSecure is now considered the recommended connection for all wireless users. The only caveat is that the user must have wireless hardware that is WPA2-Enterprise capable. This includes, but is not limited to, Windows PCs, Macs, iDevices, and Androids. Configuration is usually as easy as accepting a certificate and entering your Astate username and password. This is available to all Astate wireless users. No registration is required.


AstateAnywhere is an open wireless network that requires web-based authentication, and is now considered to be the primary connection for those devices that cannot connect using WPA2-Enterprise. After connecting to AstateAnywhere, you will need to open a web browser and attempt to browse to any HTTP (not HTTPS) website. The wireless network will redirect you to a login page. Then you will need to follow the login instructions on that page.


AstateGuest is only available in limited areas on campus and is designed to help ASU sanctioned visitors onto our wireless network with a limited amount of setup required. This SSID is NOT designed for use by Faculty, Staff, or Students; it is designed for use ONLY by ASU sanctioned visitors. This SSID is very limited in what resources that it can access, although access to VPN services and normal and secure web pages is available. For special events, this SSID can be activated anywhere on campus that there is a wireless signal. Please contact wireless@astate.edu for more information or to schedule an AstateGuest activation.


We are now able to support, in limited areas on campus, the 802.11A wireless standard. If you have an 802.11A wireless client, we recommend that you use that if possible. There are far fewer users on the 802.11A wireless channels and so you should get much better performance than 802.11B/G. Note that the antennas for 802.11A aren’t as strong as 802.11B/G so coverage on campus is not as complete.

Remember to NEVER connect to a wireless network that is not one of the three above SSID’s. These wireless networks are of unknown origin and could contain serious privacy and security risks to users. Also, please remember that it is against ASU networking policies to install personal wireless access points anywhere on campus. These unauthorized access points can interfere with ASU’s wireless network and cause security issues as well.

We have gotten several reports of people having disconnect and instability issues. Many of these problems have been fixed by simply updating the drivers for the problematic wireless clients. If you are having these problems, please consult the webpage of your wireless client’s manufacturer for driver downloads. 

For Assistance

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about ASU’s wireless network, please emailwireless@astate.edu