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Concurrent Enrollment

Arkansas law allows the enrollment of high school students in college-level courses under certain conditions. Students are able to obtain credit toward a high school diploma at the same time they earn college credit. 

What students and parents should know:

Students should attempt to have all concurrent hours transferred to ASU prior to their first advising appointment at ASU. This is typically during New Student Registration. Hours accrued through concurrent enrollment are not used to determine freshmen status. New students are considered first-year students unless they have completed 13 or more Post-high school credited course hours.

AP Credit

The Advanced Placement Program is administered by the College Board Placement Test Program. Students who compete in the Advanced Placement Program in high school are required to take the AP exam in order to get college credit for the courses. The minimum AP scores are posted on the Registrar's webpage. 

What students and parents should know: 

Unlike concurrent enrollment, transcripts do not reflect a grade for AP credit.

FERPA policy
New Student Registration