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First Year Experience


The First Year Experience Program at A-State

The First Year Experience Program, also known as FYE, is a program which is designed to help students prepare for the transition from high school to college. All sections of FYE include core information that covers A-State Policies & Procedures, Academic Resources, Study Skills, Academic Research & Writing, Leadership & Campus Involvement as well as materials crucial to the academic and personal growth of each First Year Red Wolf. Each FYE Instructor will serve as a mentor and all sections of FYE use a common text which is written by A-State faculty to address information and resources specific to A-State. The A-State FYE Program is interdisciplinary, meaning that each section of FYE is based within the department or college of the student’s major. This interdisciplinary approach exposes and excites first year students about their major and career opportunities.

A-State First Year Parent Association 

The First Year Parent Association at A-State is designed to assist in the transition of first-year students and their families to Arkansas State University. It enables parents to actively participate in the life of their student during their first year. Parents or guardians of first-year students are able to join this association by emailing Kelli Listenbee at klee@astate.edu.

Some of the opportunities include:

  • Monthly e-Newsletter of campus announcements and reminders
  • Access to A-State Social Media Sites

For more information on the A-State First Year Parent Association, please email Kelli Listenbee at klee@astate.edu.

Making Connections

All first year students enroll in a Making Connections course. This three-credit course is designed to help students make a successful transition into college by connecting students with their major, college peers and a faculty mentor. There are many sections offered within the various academic disciplines at A-State including a honor and undecided sections. While each course has a special emphasis on the students’ academic discipline, all sections include a common core including campus resources, A-State policies, learning techniques, critical thinking skills, and degree information.

For more information contact, Kelli Listenbee, First Year Experience at klee@astate.edu.

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What is a Common Reader?

A Common Reader is a book assigned to all first-year students to read during the fall semester. The purpose of the First-Year Common Reader is to promote a shared intellectual experience to engage students socially and academically both inside and outside of the classroom.

Themes from this year’s selected reader "This I Believe II: The Personal Philosophies of Remarkable Men and Women" edited by Jay Allison and Dan Gediman, will be incorporated into discussions, activities and experiences of first-year students.

Common Reader programs are designed to: create a sense of community, promote discussion, set academic expectations for students, provide a shared intellectual experience, encourage cross-disciplinary dialogue, increase faculty-student interaction, promote critical engagement with ideas and encourage reading among first-year students.

This I Believe II