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Tanja McKay


Dr. Tanja McKay

Director of Environmental Sciences & Molecular Biosciences

Professor of Entomology

Phone: 870-972-3240
Office: Lab Science East, 313


Deanna Barton


Deanna Barton

Administrative Analyst

Phone: 870-972-2832
Office: Lab Science West, 538


Affiliated Faculty


Mohammad Abrar Alam


Dr. Mohammad Abrar Alam

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Phone: (870) 972-3319

Office: Lab Science West, 339C


Jennifer Bouldin


Dr. Jennifer Bouldin

Professor of Environmental Biology

Director of the Ecotoxicology Research Facility

Phone: 870-972-2570

Office: Ecotox Facility, 113A


Maureen Dolan


Dr. Maureen Dolan

Director of Biotechnology Program

Associate Professor of Molecular Biology

Phone: 870-680-4359

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 311


Elizabeth E. Hood


Dr. Elizabeth E. Hood

Lipscomb Distinguished Professor

Phone: (870) 680-8427

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 305


Xiuzhen Huang


Dr. Xiuzhen Huang

Professor of Computer Science

Phone: 870-680-8116

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 208


Argelia Lorence


Dr. Argelia Lorence

Professor of Metabolic Engineering

Vaughn Endowed Professorship; Director, A-State Phenomics Facility

Phone: 870-680-4322

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 310


Travis Marsico


Dr. Travis Marsico

Professor and Interim Chair of Biological Sciences

Curator of STAR Herbarium

Phone: 870-972-3082

Office: Lab Science East, 201A


Fabricio Medina-Bolivar


Dr. Fabricio Medina-Bolivar

Professor of Metabolic Engineering

Phone: 870-680-4319

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 308


Mohamed Milad


Dr. Mohamed Milad

Assistant Professor of Statistics

Phone: (870)-680-8126

Office: Computer Science & Mathematics, 115


Lori Neuman-Lee


Dr. Lori Neuman-Lee

Assistant Professor of Physiology

Phone: 870-972-3111

Office: Lab Science East, 320


Amy R. Pearce


Dr. Amy R. Pearce

Professor of Psychology

Phone: 870-972-3064

Office: Education, 310


Gregory Phillips


Dr. Gregory Phillips

Professor of Plant Biotechnology

Phone: (870) 972-2375

Office: Agriculture, 332A


Brett Savary


Dr. Brett Savary

Research Professor of Biopolymer Chemistry

Phone: (870) 680-4792

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 307


Jianfeng (Jay) Xu


Dr. Jianfeng (Jay) Xu

Research Associate Professor

Phone: (870) 680-4812

Office: Arkansas Biosciences Institute, 313


Guolei Zhou


Dr. Guolei Zhou

Associate Professor of Cell Biology

Phone: 870-680-8588

Office: ABI, 209